Sunday, November 24, 2013

JR Newsletter: 24 November 2013 (167)

We have a number of contributions this week.

George Polizio and Denis Loring wrote about 1818 B-8 quarters:

George Polizio wrote:

If one was to look at a few 1818 B8 quarters they will see this scratch is on all of them.

And Denis Loring wrote:

I'm always reluctant to disagree with the esteemed JD, but here I have to.  I have four 1818 B8's, and all four show the crack from star 9 to the rim.  I think it's simply been overlooked until now.

Denis Loring

Rory Rea also wrote about a bust quarter:

There was one very pleasant surprise  in the Heritage Newman auction concerning those beloved Large size capped bust quarters. It was actually brought to my attention by an experienced quarter expert that lot #33167 1821 B-4 NGC MS-63 went quietly unnoticed and sold for an excellent price. 

I will add this particular coin was not included during our (W. David Perkins an I) Newman photo visit back in 2007 and therefore we were not able to verify its provenance. As it turns out this example is has already been verified and is definitely one of Ard Browning's long lost original 1925 plate coins! Congratulations to the lucky buyer. It sure pays to do your research.

Rory Rea

Editor:  I have provided a link to the coin here (you may have to log in to to see the price paid and to view large images):


And to continue on the bust quarter theme, even if just tangentially, bust quarter collector Nathan Markowitz wrote to us about the upcoming EAC-JRCS show:

Please consider giving a presentation at the 2014 EAC Convention in Colorado Springs, Colorado the weekend of May 1-4, 2013.  A broad range of topics can be considered so please share your enthusiasm and expertise with other expert collectors at the show in sunny (snowy?) Colorado next May.  Contact me at cascades1787(at) as soon as possible if you wish to participate.