Sunday, June 28, 2020

JR Newsletter: 28 June 2020 (504)

Winston Zack wrote:

I wanted to share with you all that some of us are working on organizing some upcoming JRCS related talks through the Zoom app in the near future. Priority for attending these talks would be first given to members in good standing, then prospective members, followed by other folks with a demonstrated interest if 'Zoom room' space exists (I think we are limited to about 100 attendees, but I doubt we'll hit that number).  For this to be successful, we will need to solve the following items, at the very least:

1) Coordinate Zoom presentation speakers;
2) Identify how frequently we want to have Zoom meetings (e.g. monthly basis);
3) Identify recurring Zoom meeting dates and times; and 
4) Identify how to effectively share the meeting invitations with JRCS membership (i.e. in the Sunday JR Newsletter, or via a JRCS email listserv).

I have created the linked Excel spreadsheet which identifies general and specific topics JRCS members may want to see presented via Zoom.  This document will also allow members to identify whether they would like to give a presentation. Please complete survey and return to me address is in the spreadsheet:  winston.s.zack(at)
I would greatly appreciate that.  

Linked Excel spreadsheet:  

Thank you very much for these considerations,