Sunday, August 18, 2013

JR Newsletter: 18 August 2013 (153)

Raymond Hale wrote:

I just read Glenn Peterson's note regarding his upcoming presentation at the BHNC meeting. Are these presentations recorded? I am unable to attend, and would enjoy learning about the remarriages of which he speaks. It would be great if I could buy a recording or a transcript.

Raymond Hale


A note from the editor:  I had a great time at the ANA Show.  Many highlights and comments, here's a brief summary:

-I had the opportunity to view Glenn Peterson's extensive collection of Capped Bust Half Dollars
-Traffic in Chicago is something I am glad I do not have to deal with but once per year
-David Perkins had a display of Capped Bust Half Dimes that was beautiful
-I sold a bunch of coins (trying to raise money for a goal my family is working toward) and the dealers and collectors that bought the coins made the transactions easy
-I worked "behind the table" a couple of days for Rich Uhrich Rare Coins and had a great time.  I liked the perspective on the hobby that this role reversal provided.  Always enjoyable to work with Rich, plus his other table assistants Len Augsburger and Bill Bugert
-The JRCS "open house" on Thursday night was well-attended by collectors of all series of capped bust silver
-From my perspective, the interest in late die state capped bust half dimes – the coins with cuds – is pretty healthy.  There was demand from what I sold from my collection, what Rich Uhrich sold, and what I observed being sold or displayed on the bourse floor
-I talked with many other collectors and there were plenty of good coin stories to hear that came from purchases on the floor, the auctions, and potential sales/purchases in the future.  I would love to receive input from others for the JR Newsletter about some of the happenings at the ANA

Richard Meaney