Sunday, December 13, 2015

JR Newsletter: 13 December 2015 (271)

One contribution this week, from David Perkins:

Update on the Sale of the Gorman Capped Bust Dimes 1809-1837  and the Miller Collection of Early U.S. Silver Dollars 1794-1803

Gorman Collection:  The Kirk Gorman Collection has 122 of the 123 known die marriages with an average grade of approximately AU50!  The Gorman Collection of Capped Bust Dimes 1809-1837 will be offered for sale in two parts, with the first part of the sale in January 2016 at the FUN Convention in Tampa, Florida. The second session will be held around the ANA World’s Fair of Money in Anaheim, California next summer. 
All of the Gorman Dimes were photographed by PCGS outside of the holders, then graded by PCGS.  None of the dimes have been sent in more than once for grading; in addition, none of the coins were sent to CAC.  92 of the dimes were “raw,” just the way Kirk Gorman collected them for the past two decades.  For Date and Type Collectors, all of Red Book and PCGS Registry Set Type coins are represented in this collection. 
Many of the Gorman Dimes can be viewed on the PCGS Registry under, “CAPPED BUST DIMES DIE VARIETY SET BY JOHN REICH, CIRCULATION STRIKES (1809-1837): GORMAN COLLECTION.”  You can click on this link to view Gorman’s Registry Set:
The cataloging of the dimes in the first of these two planned sales is now in the final stages.  All of the dimes are being cataloged by James Matthews, an collector and expert in this series. The catalog should be sent out (as a PDF) before Christmas to all those on my CB Dime distribution list.  There will be between 60 and 70 lots of Capped Bust Dimes, including a few additions (that are “Not from the Gorman Collection”).  If you would like to be added to this distribution list please send me an e-mail at wdperki(at) and I will add you to the list. 
As mentioned earlier, the first half of the Gorman Dime Collection will be sold starting in January 2016 and will consist of Fixed Price Lots (FPL) and a Sealed Bid (SBS) Auction sale.  Please note that the FPL Lots will be available for sale immediately upon receipt of the catalog, by phone or e-mail. Unsold FPL lots, and all of the SBS Lots, will be available at the FUN Convention in Tampa, Florida for viewing and sale.  The FPL will be consist mostly of R-1 to R-5 die marriages, along with lower and PCGS Details graded coins. The Sealed Bid Sale will generally offer the rarer die marriages and die states, and condition rarities.  The SBS will close on Friday night at 6:00pm EST. 
Miller Collection:  As most JR News readers know, I purchased the Miller Collection of Early U.S. Dollars 1794-1803 in partnership with Andy Lustig.  We have sold over $2M of the Miller early dollars to date!  There are many great coins still available for sale.
We will have over 100 early dollars at the PCGS Las Vegas show this coming week and at the FUN show in Tampa January 6-9, 2016.  I have a corner and a regular table at FUN along with Gerry Fortin, but we do not have the table numbers available at this time.  The two tables will be under “W. David Perkins, Numismatist” and Gerry Fortin Rare Coins. 
If you would like a listing of the sold and unsold early dollars from the Miller Collection please send me a note at wdperki(at)
W. David Perkins
Centennial, CO