Sunday, October 28, 2012

JR Newsletter: 28 October 2012 (112)

Robert Stark wrote:

What a wonderful project David Finkelstein has undertaken!

Thank you! 
 Bob Stark


Michael Sullivan wrote:

Miss Attributed "BB-64" R-8 Early Dollar Attempts to Cross the Auction Block Again
When you see an R-8 Bust Dollar on E-Bay offered at "type coin money" you need to take a closer look.    For at least the second time, a 1796 NGC XF40 "BB-64" is being offered on E-Bay.   The BB-64 is an R-8 marriage per the W.D. Perkins census published in the Feb-2011 edition of the John Reich Journal.   Comparing the reverse of the E-Bay offered coin with the Bowers-Borckardt standard reference for Silver Dollars & Trade Dollars of the United States, 1993 indicates the offered coin is actually a BB-61 designated R-3 by Perkins.  
For those who elect to compare the photo images on E-Bay with the BB reference, I suggest you focus on the berry positions on the reverse left of the coin.    The mismatch with BB-64 and match with BB-61 is immediately apparent. 
As the saying going on the internet, "Buyer Beware."   See E-Bay Lot:  271083272540
Michael Sullivan