Sunday, December 9, 2018

JR Newsletter: 9 December 2018 (423)

The latest issue of The Asylum, the journal of the Numismatic Bibliomania Society (NBS) has an advertisement inside the back cover offering for $10.00 (plus $5.00 shipping to U.S. addresses) the second (current) edition Q. David Bowers book, The Encyclopedia of United States Silver Dollars 1794 to 1803.  The list price per Stack’s is $49.97. I think I paid a $40.00 “pre-order price” for my first copy.   If you’ve any interest in the learning more about the early dollars or adding this book to your Numismatic Library this is a pretty good deal!  I don’t see that this offer was limited to members of NBS, and the “Call to Order” phone number is listed as 866-811-1804.

Also offered at the same pricing level are three other books by Q. David Bowers.  Coins and Collectors, Golden Anniversary IssueThe 1822 Gold Half Eagle:  Story of a Rarity, and Treasures from the D. Brent Pogue Rare Coin Cabinet.  

There is a limit of 2 copies of each book per address.  You’ll need to confirm details with Stack’s – I’m just reporting these offers to fellow JR News readers who might not have been aware of this offer.

Gerry Fortin, Jim Matthews, and I will have Tables 535 and 634 at the 2019 FUN Convention.  Please stop by if you are attending the show.  

W. David Perkins
Centennial, CO