Sunday, January 5, 2014

JR Newsletter: 5 January 2014 (173)

We have a couple of items from Brad Karoleff to start off the new year:

I would like to take this opportunity to remind the membership of our meeting at the upcoming FUN convention. JRCS will host a meeting on Friday morning from 9:00-10:30 in room W232A of the Orlando convention center. 
The featured speaker will be David Finkelstein who will be speaking on the frequent yellow fever epidemics in Philadelphia in the late 1700s.  I encourage anyone attending the convention to visit with us for an educational, fun time during the convention.

Also, the Bust Half Nut Club will be having an open meeting later that day at 11:00-12:30 in the same room.  Dr. Glenn Peterson will be speaking on multiple struck bust half dollars. I'm sure everyone in attendance will have a wonderful time.

I look forward to seeing all those members attending the convention. I will be setup with Robert Harlow at the convention (table #1139).  Please look me up while you are there.
Brad also reminded us about some help he is seeking for a research project:
I am working on an article and need the help of the membership in locating a few coins to illustrate my article.

Does anyone here own or know where I can find the following items for illustrations?  Full credit will be given to anyone helping me with the project, if you want to be identified.

I have a couple off center strike bust halves, but would like a better one to illustrate my article.  I am interested, not only in obverse and reverse photos, but the edge also, which is the focus of my article.  Can anyone supply a coin to be photographed, or the photos I need?  I am looking either for the following coins from the Logan sale or coins similar to these.  Of particular interest are the double struck "in collar" coins as I do not have any of them in my collection.

Logan Lot numbers; 2237, 2292, 2334, 2344, 2359, 2385, 2418.

There are other denomination error coins that I am also looking for from the Logan sale.  They are;

1818 Off center strike bust quarter lot 1849, or another like it.
1814 Off center strike bust dime lot 2015, or another like it.
1827 JR4 dime double struck lot 2065, or another like it.

Thank you all in advance for your help.

Happy New Year!

Brad Karoleff


Jesse Gingold wrote about a rare half dime he has for sale:

JR Newsletter readers might be interested in a 1797 13 Star Half Dime that I was fortunate enough to acquire. As you know, the 1797 LM-4 is an R-6 coin and a Redbook variety that is rarely attainable on the market.

The coin has a very original look with peripheral old envelope toning. It is graded by PCGS as VF Details. Pictures are attached below.  You will notice the area in question between S1 and the date. PCGS called this damage but I believe that this coin was minted with a planchet flaw and is "as made."  I'll leave this determination up to you, though.

I do have the coin available for sale if someone needs a very pleasing example for their collection. I will be at the FUN show on Friday for the JRCS meeting and you are welcome to view the coin there. Please feel free to contact me at jgingold97(at)  to inquire further.

Also if any members have any knowledge or feedback on extant examples, census or condition info or images of other examples, please E-mail me at the same email address as mentioned above.

Looking foward to FUN,
Jesse Gingold
Member #1456
Finally, a note from the editor:
Richard Meaney wrote:  I will be at the FUN show from Wednesday through Saturday.  I will be helping two dealers at their tables (Rich Uhrich at tables 614,616 and David Perkins at table 1533).  Feel free to stop by and say hello.  I plan to contribute to the JR Newsletter after the FUN show about my impressions of the show, working with Rich and David, and how the collecting public received David's fixed price and sealed bid auctions for an extensive half dime consignment (by the way, the collection is not mine).
I welcome readers' contributions about their experiences at the FUN show.  Reading reports from other collectors is always a highlight for me, whether I attended the show or not.

Richard Meaney