Sunday, January 9, 2011

JR Newsletter: 9 January 2011 (18)

Bob Stark wrote:

I'm very glad to have this JR NEWSLETTER and hope that forthcoming issues will also come my way. If there is an easy way for you to send me past issues (since Bill Luebke's issues), I'l be glad to have them. Thank you, Bob Stark

Editor's Reply: Every single issue of the JR Newsletter that I have done can be found archived on the internet at

You can read current issues on that page then click "older posts" at the end of the page to read past issues.  Alternatively, on the right side of the page you will find a place labeled "Blog Archive" with links to items written since 2009. 

Robert also wrote that he spotted a message from Jeff Oertel about early dollar countermarks while reading some past JR Newsletter issues.  Robert wrote about early dollar countermarks and if anyone needs information on his writings or is interested in corresponding with Robert about early dollar countermarks, you can contact him through the editor of the JR Newsletter.   
 David Davis wrote:

Mike Sullivan sent some information to me: The big "bust news" is Hesselgessler is selling his dollar collection in May at Long Beach!
Fred Morgan wrote: 

I would like to know if a photo has been taken of the 1827 JR-14. Any information on this variety would be helpful. Is there a link, or article about the variety anywhere?

Editor's note:  I told Fred about the article in Coin World (issue of December 20) and that an in-depth article should be in the next JR Journal.  If others have more information, please send it in!
 From Brad Karoleff and Richard Meaney:

We need your recommendations on which coins/die marriages/die states should be studied at the EAC/JRCS meeting upcoming this Spring.  If we don't have recommendations, those who attend the meeting representing JRCS will make the decision.

From the JRCS:

Please submit nominations for the 2011 class of inductees into the JRCS Hall of Fame.  Last year, Russ Logan and Daniel Valentine were selected as the inaugural honorees.  The JRCS seeks nominees for induction into the JRCS Hall of Fame at the 2011 ANA show in Chicago.  We request nominees in two categories:  (1)  The JRCS era (people active in the hobby during the period of time the JRCS has been an ongoing society, and (2) Pre-JRCS era (people active in the hobby prior to the inception of the JRCS).  You can submit nominees by using the "add comments" button on the JRCS Blog, by responding to the weekly JR Newsletter email, or by contacting any officer of the JRCS by a means of your choice.
Finally, a couple of brief comments from the FUN Show by Richard Meaney:

1.  I think a great rarity in capped bust half dimes flew under the radar in the Heritage auction.  An 1830 LM-1.1 encased in an NGC MS-65 "Proof-Like" holder sold for less than $6,500.  I was not a bidder (I have an MS61 example).  I fully expected this coin to fetch more than ten thousand dollars.  The coin was not attributed by remarriage, just by die marriage (as an LM-1).  Verifiable examples of this die remarriage are exceedingly scarce.
2.  A really cool 1837 LM-1 half dime sold at auction for less than $375.  The PCGS AU-53 coin had such a severe clash that the date was incuse (clashed) on the reverse!  I didn't buy it.