Sunday, July 5, 2020

JR Newsletter: 5 July 2020 (505)

We had a number of contributions this week.  First, from David Perkins:

Most of the half dollar collectors and many others have likely seen the PCGS Press Release announcement of a new die marriage for the 1795 Flowing Hair Half Dollar, the first new 1795 FH 50C die marriage in over 90 years!  If not, below are links to the PCGS Press Release and a the PCGS Forum discussion on the discovery with photos and details of the key attribution points.  (photo posted above!)

June 30, 2020: PCGS Press Release
PCGS Confirms New 1795 Flowing Hair Half Dollar Variety

June 30, 2020: Collectors Universe U.S. Coin Forum
PCGS Confirms New 1795 Flowing Hair Half Dollar Variety

I have the coin and will be offering it for sale sometime in the near future.  Please feel free to contact me if you have an interest.  Thanks.

W. David Perkins


Cell 303-902-5366

Steve Herrman wrote:

for Bust Half Dollars

A few printed copies of the 8th revision of Auction Prices Realized for Certified & Graded Bust Half Dollars 1794-1839 (APRCG) are on hand after the mailing to regular subscribers on June 16.

The Summer 2020 revision includes prices realized for all certified and graded Bust Halves sold in major auctions over the past three years, June 2017 through May 2020.

Softbound, 138 pages, $28.00 postpaid via Media Mail. Also available in PDF format for $20.00. Both printed and PDF is $33.00.
Copies will be mailed to JRCS and BHNC members with an enclosed invoice. Advance payment is not required.

Note: $1.00 is donated to both the JRCS and the BHNC for each copy sold.

Please contact Steve at herrman102(at) to reserve your copy.


Steve Herrman

Paul Kluth wrote:

In response to Brad's request for input about the surprise contained in the JR Journal:
Wow!  The new format of the John Reich Journal looks great and the color cover and inside pages are a very much welcome addition.  Please keep it up as it really raises the bar for JRCS.  The changes are greatly appreciated!  

Paul Kluth