Sunday, July 28, 2013

JR Newsletter: 28 July 2013 (151)

Bill Hancock wrote:

I really look forward to the JR Newsletter every Sunday.

I'd like to relay my 1821 JR-2 Bust Dime adventure of the summer.

About a month ago, I purchased an 1821 Bust Dime off ebay. It was in a PCGS holder marked JR-2. Of course I was severely disappointed because when it arrived, I realized it was actually an 1821 JR-4. I returned the coin and received a prompt refund. (I have since seen this coin on the dealer's website still in the PCGS holder).

About a week after the refund arrived, Kirk Gorman contacted me about a duplicate 1821 JR-2 he had for sale, of course, I was anxious to receive it.

It was a prized example in my collection for a week and a half. We have a small monthly local show, and about a week and a half after receiving Kirk's duplicate arrived, I cherried a really nice 1821 JR-2.

So it seems like May/June 2013 was my 1821 JR-2 adventure. And if you need a decent 1821 JR-2, I have one available for what I paid. You can contact me at orlandodefender (at)

-Bill Hancock


David Perkins wrote:

ANA Convention Announcement from W. David Perkins

I will have Table # 1030 at the 2013 ANA Convention in Rosemont and would like to invite JRCS members to stop by.  I will have mostly early silver bust and Seated coinage for sale in my cases, along with some early copper and gold.  Early dollar highlights being offered from my collection include an attractive and very rare 1795 B-13, BB-24 Dollar R-5+ in NGC VF30, ex. Reiver, a beautifully toned 1798 B-1, BB-73 Dollar in PCGS AU50, ex. Benson collection sale and a lustrous 1799 B-15, BB-152 “Irregular Date, Reverse of 1798” Dollar in PCGS AU55.  I will have a very nice group of Capped Bust Half Dollars for sale (including a number of R-4 and R-5 die marriages), mostly in AU and Mint State Grades and including four different die marriages for 1820, one in AU55 and three in AU58 grades.  I have a nice 1821 “Small Date” Bust Dime in PCGS AU55. 

I will have the 1806 O-127a Half Dollar in PCGS VF-25 CAC which is being offered by me in a Sealed Bid Sale, one of the two finest specimens known for this R-6+ die marriage.  This Lot will be available Monday – late Friday afternoon for viewing during the ANA Convention.  The bidding will close on Friday at 6:00pm CST.  Please contact me via e-mail or phone for sale information and terms and I will forward this information to you. 

I will also have a numismatic display at my table, with three rare and neat late die state early dollars, a 1796 B-6, BB-64 Dollar (R-8, three specimens known to me) with a large vertical die break bisecting the right one third of the reverse, a beautifully toned 1798 B-16, BB-110 dollar in PCGS MS62 struck from the latest die state known, with a die break from the rim under the first obverse star to 179 in the date and large cud under the first star and in the field towards the date, and a lustrous 1798 B-30b, BB-116 late die state specimen in NGC AU58 struck from a shattered reverse die, with numerous breaks on both the obverse and reverse, including a “blob” like die break over the eagle’s right wing. 

The display will also include three rare and exceptional Early Quarter Dollars from the Three Sisters Collection, an 1805 B-2, R-4+ ex. King of Siam sale, a very original 1806 B-5, R-4+ and an 1828 B-3, “25/5/50 Denomination” R-5 quarter, ex. World’s Greatest Collection and James A. Stack, the plate coin in the Rea, et al. book.

For those who enjoy tokens and Exonumia, I will also have included in this display a group of gem condition Detroit Civil War Store Card tokens (150th Anniversary) along with an extremely rare and neat 1913 ANA Convention Badge (100th Anniversary), with an 1863 Detroit Civil War token on a chain connected to the ribbon and badge.   I will also have exceptional (including two unique) examples of rare Civil War postage stamp currency & scrip, and a beautiful Lesher Dollar in NGC MS-66. 

Please feel free to contact me if you would like additional information.

wdperki (at)

W. David Perkins


David Quint wrote:

The dime census is back. Collectors of Draped and Capped Bust Dimes by variety are encouraged to submit their collections for inclusion. Please send your collection listed by variety and condition (spreadsheet preferred but not required) or questions to David Quint at dimecensus (at)

Thank you.
David Quint
(305) 341-3667


Brad Karoleff wrote:

The latest issue of the journal has been mailed to the membership. If you have not received yours by the end of the week please notify me at bkaroleff (at)

We look forward to seeing you at the annual meeting of the society in Chicago on Wednesday morning August 14 at 8:00. David Finkelstein will be giving an educational presentation at the meeting. We will also be electing officers for the next year and announcing the HOF inductees.

Brad Karoleff


Editor's Note:  The JR Newsletter will go out next Sunday, August 4 as scheduled.  If you have any ANA-related announcements, that will be the last chance prior to the show to have them published.  There will be no JR Newsletter on August 11 (I will be in Chicago -- if all goes as planned -- and am unable to send this newsletter while "on the road")