Sunday, February 18, 2018

JR Newsletter: 18 February 2018 (383)

David Perkins wrote:

I just received a copy of the February 2018 issue of COINage Magazine from Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez.  I was interviewed last year by McMorrow-Hernandez for an article on Draped Bust Dollars and the article was finally published in this issue.  Dealer Julian Leidman was also interviewed and quoted in the article.  Also included in this issue is an article by Bob Julian on 1804 Dollars.  And there is another article on the year 1799, “America Gets a new Mint and Loses a Father.”  Those interested in early history and the early dollars may want to pick up a copy at a local newsstand.  

The next issue of the John Reich Journal will likely be mailed in April.  This will be the first of three issues for Volume 28.  It is a good time for new members to send in an application for membership as well as current members who haven’t yet sent in their dues.  Details can be found on the JRCS Website at .  Checks (payable to JRCS) should be mailed out to JRCS at the JRCS PO Box.  Those members working on articles should plan to send them in the next few weeks to our JRCS President and long-time Editor, Brad Karloleff. 


W. David Perkins