Sunday, June 1, 2014

JR Newsletter: 1 June 2014 (191)

We have three contributions this week, with the first spurred by a question asked in the last JR Newsletter.

In response to the question, " When a die marriage is given a particular rarity rating, what exactly
does this mean?" -- Denis Loring wrote:

As I understand it, rarity rating estimates the number of existing examples, as follows:

R-8: 1-3
R-7+: 4-6
R-7: 7-9
R-7-: 10-12
R-6+: 13-18
R-6: 19-24
R-6-: 25-30
R-5+: 31-45
R-5: 46-50
R-5-: 51-75
R-4: 76-200
R-3: 201-500
R-2: 501-1250
R-1 over 1250

Be careful, though.  If a given variety has, say, four die states, each state could be R-6 with 20 known but the variety itself would only be R-4(+) with 80 known.

Denis Loring

Paul Hybert wrote:

Collector Exhibits for the 2014 Summer ANA Convention
Although the ANA summer convention is still two months away, the
deadline for submitting your application to enter an exhibit is less
than three weeks away -- a completed application for each exhibit must
be received at ANA headquarters by June 20.  If you have spent the past
months working on your exhibit, please do not let this deadline trip
you.  If you promised to enter a small exhibit, do not panic, the
application form needs just a title and one-paragraph overview. The ANA
web site has a page, at
with links to the rules, application, and an essay on preparing an exhibit.

Standard Disclaimer:  Exhibiting is not possible for most people -- the
exhibits must be in place by the early Tuesday morning opening of the
convention, and the exhibits cannot be removed until very late on
Saturday afternoon (when the convention closes).

Do you have questions?  Email them to me at jrcsweb(at)


Peter Mosiondz, Jr. sent us an offering for various articles of numismatic literature

Brand New Books Offered Subject Unsold by Peter Mosiondz, Jr.

The United States Half Dimes by David W. Valentine. 1975 Quarterman reprint of the 1931 original incorporating additional works by Newlin, Breen, Davis, and Ahwash. 273 pages. Hardbound. Dust Jacket protected  in Mylar®. $15.00

History of the First United States Mint by Frank Stewart. 1974 Quarterman reprint of the 1924 original. 209 pages. Hardbound. Dust Jacket protected  in Mylar®. $15.00

2014 Coin World Guide to U.S. Coins, Prices and Value Trends. 464 pages. Softbound. $3.00

Common Sense Coin Investment by Q. David Bowers. 189 pages. Paperback. $3.00

Rochester Numismatic Association: Celebrating 100 Years of Fellowship. Card Cover. $3.00

The Lovett Cent: A Confederate Story by Harold Levi and George Correll. 276 pages. Softbound. $15.00

The Expert’s Guide to Collecting and Investing in Rare Coins by Q. David Bowers. At 34 chapters and 656 pages, it covers everything from grading to determining values to techniques of smart auction bidding. More than 1,300 photographs and illustrations. Hardbound. DJ protected in Mylar®. $15.00

Coins and Collectors by Q. David Bowers. 214 pages. Softbound. $8.00

Abe Kosoff: Dean of Numismatics by Q. David Bowers. 351 pages. Softbound. $15.00

Add $3.00 postage per order.

Peter Mosiondz, Jr.
26 Cameron Circle
Laurel Springs, NJ 08021-4861
Phone: 856-627-6865