Sunday, January 9, 2022

JR Newsletter: 9 January 2022 (562)

 Sheridan Downey wrote:

The FUN Show winds down today.  The few accounts I’ve heard confirm that the coin market remains strong.  Bust half collectors who were unable or unwilling to visit Orlando have been looking at the offerings of three notable auctions on the immediate horizon.  

COVID-19 worries led Heritage to relocate (to Dallas) and postpone its annual FUN Show auctions.  For the first time in decades I did not receive their catalogs.  A quick look at the Heritage web site shows the usual smattering of early half dollars, spread over various sessions.  The first session closes this Wednesday.

Chris McCawley has a 100-piece consignment that will appeal to collectors seeking attractive, mid-grade bust halves.  His sale of the Neil Rothschild Collection is set for Jan. 21, 2022, during the Houston Money Show.  Check out the lots here:

Then, of course, there is the pièce de résistance, Mail Bid Sale #53, featuring Tim Osborne’s pedigreed collection of Capped Bust Halves, virtually all in AU or Mint State.  The closing date is a week away, Saturday, January 15, 2022 at 6:00 PM PST.  There are 108 lots in the sale, 64 from Tim and 44 from various consignors.  It is my experience that a majority of bids arrive in the 48 hours before the sale closes.  This year may be an exception.  Early bidding is active and strong; more than 2/3rds of the lots already have bids that meet or exceed applicable reserves.  Snipers beware!  Your preferred bidding increment may be occupied if you wait too long.  Rather than extol particular highlights of the Sale let me simply point you to the lot listing on my web site:
Lot preview by overnight Express Mail or Fed Ex ends tomorrow.  If you wish to examine lots before bidding, an excellent idea, email a list of lots before midnight tonight.  I’ll get them rolling Monday so you can preview them Tuesday and return them Wednesday.

With continuing best wishes for a safe and Happy New Year

Sunday, January 2, 2022

JR Newsletter: 2 January 2022 (562)

Brad Karoleff wrote:


The FUN JRCS meeting has been cancelled due to Covid. There have been other cancellations including the Heritage auction at the show. 


Hopefully we can all meet later this year at the ANA convention. 


Until then stay healthy and enjoy numismatics. 




Brad Karoleff 



Chris McCawley wrote:


We hold an auction every year in conjunction with the Houston Money Show.  This year we have just under 100 Bust halves from the Neil Rothschild collection (we have previously sold most of his Colonial collection) I though you or some of the JRCS guys would like a heads up. The sale is listed on 

Editor:  I found this specific link that will help:




Sunday, December 19, 2021

JR Newsletter: 19 December 2021 (561)

Sheridan Downey wrote:


Readers might enjoy a lazy Sunday, perusing lots in my upcoming FUN Show sale of bust halves.  MB 53 is live at  The sale closes Friday, Jan. 7, 2022 at 6 PM EST.  Here is the Introduction to the sale.




Welcome to MB 53!  There are 108 coins in the sale.  Once again, the principal consignor is Tim Osborne, and the watchwords are eye candy.  Tim spent more than 30 years on the hunt for bust half-dollars with exceptional eye appeal.  His BHNC friends, colleagues and suppliers during that period included Floyd Farley, Dr. Gerald Schertz, Charlton “Swampy Meyer, Gehring Prouty, Keith Davignon and, recently, Dr. Charles Link.  Prices Realized for his 60-piece consignment to my recent ANA Sale, MB 52, confirm that his knowledge and patience paid off.  This time Tim favors us with a 64-piece consignment.  When reviewing Tim’s coins pay special attention to his AU 55s.  Many will leave you wondering, “Why not AU 58?”  At lot preview during the November Baltimore Show the most talked about coin in Tim’s consignment was his 1813 O.104, lot 9, a fully original choice AU, masquerading in a CAC approved PCGS AU 55 capsule.


Several other collectors generously offered one or more pretty coins for the sale.  You will find them in Part 2, lots 65 through 101.  Highlights include three mouth-watering selections from the legendary collection of Louis Eliasberg.  Perhaps you will find an XF-AU 1811 O.113 to your liking.  And, oh, the coin doubles as a major error: it is struck off-center!  Lot 66 is an AU 58 1807 Small Stars.  Need I say more to whet your appetite?!  Last minute consignments, lots 102-108, include jaw-dropping, Condition Census examples of two noted rarities, an 1827 O.124 and 1828 O.105. 



I again asked Lance Keigwin to photograph both the coins and their slabs.  To view slab photos, click the BID button on my web site.  (No, that will not trigger a bid.)  Voila!  You will be greeted by my description of the coin and photos of the slab, along with information on current bidding.



This is an auction.  There will be coins that sell for record prices.  There will be coins that sell below expectations.  Approach the sale as you would any other: select the coins that are of most interest; research current and past prices; then bid what YOU are willing to pay, without worrying that someone else will bid “too much.”  Some coins are doubtless of Royal Blood, the finest of their ilk.  Others are working class citizens.  Each is lonely and seeking a new home.


Two invaluable research tools should be at your fingertips, Dave Rutherford’s on-line price guide,, and Steve Herrman’s latest edition of AMBPR, Vol.59. I have a couple of copies available.  Call or email if you need one.



Thanks, and enjoy the sale!



David Perkins wrote:


Correction Concerning the Upcoming JRCS Meeting at FUN


The JRCS Meeting will be held at the 2022 FUN Convention in Orlando at 8:30AM to 9:45AM EST on Friday, January 7, Room N320A.   Barry Sunshine and Chuck Link will be presenting on the Early United States Quarters, with many photos of rare quarters from circulated to Proof.  I’ve seen a number of these coins / photos in the past – if you like nice early silver you won’t want to miss this!  


Three of the four authors of Early Quarters of the United States Mint 1796 – 1838 should be in attendance at the meeting and Convention, including (rumor has it) Rory Rea! 


Hope to see you there!


W. David Perkins

Centennial, CO




Cell 303-902-5366


Table 215 FUN


Greg Cohen wrote: 



(Lincroft, NJ, December 14, 2021). LEGEND RARE COIN AUCTIONS (LRCA) is pleased to announce that the firm’s 50th Regency Auction will be a very important numismatic event, offering a spectacular selection of American numismatic treasures anchored by three powerful collections. The cabinets that make up the highlights of the sale are: 



YOUNG-DAKOTA PROOF MORGANS is a group of GEM Proof Morgan dollars, all PCGS-graded and CAC-approved. Highlights: $1 1896 PCGS PR67 CAM CAC, $1 1902 PCGS PR67+ CAC. Also included is a totally matched original GEM 1895 Proof set. 


Part II of the NAPLES COLLECTION is highlighted by the exceedingly rare $2.5 1804 13 Star PCGS AU50-A top 100 coin. Other highlights: $5 1795 Small Eagle PCGS MS61 CAC, $1 1795 Heraldic Eagle PCGS AU53, and a $5 1799 Small Stars Rev PCGS MS62+ CAC.


THE HALF DOME COLLECTION OF 20TH CENTURY GOLD-these are selections are duplicates from the HALF DOME COLLECTION the #2 sets of $10 Indians and $20 Saints on the PCGS CAC Set Registry. Highlights are the exceedingly rare, important, and universally in demand: $10 1907 Wire Edge PCGS MS66 CAC and 1907 Rolled Edge PCGS MS65+ CAC-one of only 42 minted. All of the coins in the Half Dome Collection are PCGS CAC. 


This sale will take place on January 27, 2022 at the PCGS Members Only Show at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.


A temporary watch list is now posted on our web site. We will be adding more coins shortly!  Check out the coins today:

For further information please contact Jessica Berkman 732-935-1168, or email




Greg Cohen


Senior Numismatist 

PO Box 189 | Lincroft, NJ 07738








Sunday, December 12, 2021

JR Newsletter: 12 December 2021 (560)

1832 LM-9.2 in PCGS AU58 CAC 

David Perkins wrote:


W. David Perkins Numismatics will be hosting Part II of the Extraordinary Half Dime Sealed Bid Sale, the sale of the Richard Meaney Capped Bust Half Dime Reference Collection and “KDM PCGS Registry Set.”  If you would like a copy of the Sale Catalog please send me a note requesting the catalog at wdperki(at)  -- The Sealed Bid Sale closes Sunday, January 9, 2022 at 6:00PM EST.  


A JRCS Meeting and Presentation will be held at FUN in Orlando on Friday, January 2, 2022 beginning at 8:30am. The topic will be the early Quarters.  More on this next week.  


Finally, the next issue of the John Reich Journal should be in your hands shortly. There was a slight delay at the printer.  A dues notice will be included for the next Volume in 2022.  Those who have already paid for the next Volume will not receive a dues notice.  If in doubt if you have paid for multiple years you are welcome to contact me.


Hope to see you at FUN!


W. David Perkins

Centennial, CO 


Cell 303-902-5366


Sunday, December 5, 2021

JR Newsletter: 5 December 2021 (559)

Sheridan Downey wrote:


Readers may enjoy a Preview of my upcoming FUN Show auction, Mail Bid Sale #53.  Tim Osborne again provided an anchor consignment, lots 1-64.  Tim's coins are noted for eye appeal; a great number carry CAC stickers.  The remaining lots are rife with interesting and high-quality bust halves that include mint errors, a trio of Eliasberg pedigrees and rare die marriages.  Written descriptions of the coins are underway but will not be posted until mid-December.  Lance Keigwin's superb photos must suffice for now.


I did my best to limit consignments to 100 pieces.  The current listing ends at lot 101.  At the recent Baltimore show I was presented with a small group of lovely coins and could not resist the opportunity to include them in the auction.  They are being photographed and should be posted on my web site in a week or so.


It will be a challenge to get the hard catalog printed and mailed during the holiday season.  I welcome requests to preview lots now via overnight US Express Mail.


The following link should get you to the Auction Preview page of my web site:




Sunday, November 21, 2021

JR Newsletter: 21 November 2021 (558)

Brad Karoleff wrote:

Emergency request. 

JRCS needs someone to volunteer to give a presentation at the upcoming FUN convention. 

Please contact Brad at bkaroleff(at) ASAP if you can help.


Sunday, November 14, 2021

JR Newsletter: 14 November 2021 (557)

 The collection of John McCloskey is now listed in COMING SOON at Heritage Auctions.  In addition to viewing the coins online ( ), those attending the show in Baltimore next week can view the coins in person at the Heritage Auction tables.

The Heritage Auctions site lists 870 coins in the McCloskey sale