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JR Newsletter: 27 November 2022 (580)

Louis Scuderi wrote:

In response to Gary Rosner’s question: in my experience the 1815E is by far the most common of the four. Can't estimate rarity but the 15E is easy to find (R4 maybe?). Of the 1825's the 1825L is easiest to find but far less common than the 1815E (IMO by a ratio of 6:1 to 8:1 for the 1815E vs the 1825L). Of the remaining 2 both are tough with the 1815L easier to find than the 1825E which I have rarely seen. I have one of each plus an additional 1815E. One of my 1815E's and the 1815L are in holders. The remaining three are raw. Images attached. I also have images of another 8 or 9 - all but 1 in holders and almost all 15E's - with 2 25L's in PCGS holders



PS. I have a theory about the E&L counterstamps (yet another one to add to the list) but need more examples to support or disprove my theory.


David Perkins wrote:

Long time dealer Andy Lustig’s e-mail was hacked recently.  A few days ago I received a note appearing to be from Andy asking for some money.  I checked with Andy and it was a spam note (which I figured it was), and learned that a few others had received similar notes, all asking for $400 to $800 to pay for a supposed auction lot Andy had won. 


The hacked note used his old e-mail address which was This address is no longer valid.

If you need to contact him please call him (cell) or send an email to me and I will forward it to him.  Thanks.


W. David Perkins

Centennial, CO


Winston Zack wrote:

My latest book on circulating contemporary counterfeit U.S. coins is out and called Bad Metal Silver. 3cS to 25c. This is the 2nd book in my 4-book series covering circulating contemporary counterfeit U.S. coins. This book is over 250 pages documenting more than 240 die struck counterfeits (the majority of which have never been published before) and a sample of casts from the denominations of 3cS, half-dimes, dimes, 20-cents, and quarters. Sample pages are included here.  In particular to JRCS members, there are a number of die struck counterfeit half-dimes, dimes and quarters documented.

The book is $70/shipped (pre-order pricing) through the end of 2022 (the price goes up to $100 on Jan. 1).  All books will be signed and individually numbered in the order in which they are purchased. Orders are shipped via Media Mail.  To order you can contact me directly (winston.s.zack(at), or order off my website

*Copies of my NLG-Award-Winning first book in this series covering Half-Cents through 5-Cent nickels are still available while supplies last at 70/copy (please inquire).



Sunday, November 20, 2022

JR Newsletter: 20 November 2022 (579)


Gary Rosner wrote:

Are there any Capped Bust Quarter enthusiasts that have an estimate of the Rarity ratings and/or the number of examples likely existing of the four varieties of the E & L counterstamps?


Wondering what those numbers are for these:


1815 “E”

1815 “L”


1825/4/(2) “E”

1825/4/(2) “L”


The certified populations and JRCS census tell parts of the story but neither accounts for raw examples, so does anyone have some estimates?




Gary Rosner

JRCS #869

Sunday, November 13, 2022

JR Newsletter: 13 November 2022 (578)

Michael Sullivan wrote:



Brad Karoleff East Coast Trifecta 

Our JR Journal editor made an East Coast swing the past few days starting with being the auctioneer for Legend Auction Regency Sale 55 this past Thursday.   This was Legend’s first live on premises auction at their New Jersey headquarters.  

Friday was devoted to a day at Yale University Art Gallery hosted by curator of numismatics Benjamin Hellings and Emily Seigerman.  Yale has an outstanding numismatic department within YUAG with rotating education displays and the integration of numismatic items within other collection displays in the museum.  A highlight of the day was viewing two Noble prize gold medals.

Saturday focused on viewing early silver coinage across Bust Dollars and Capped Bust Dimes.   Please see the photo of Brad reviewing the #1 PCGS Registry set of Capped Bust Dimes by die marriage.  It “capped” a great week.


Sunday, October 16, 2022

JR Newsletter: 16 October 2022 (577)

Brad Karoleff wrote:

We still need a presenter for the upcoming FUN convention in January. 

If someone is interested in giving one please contact me at bkaroleff(at) ASAP as we need to submit the topic to the FUN organizers. 

We also still need a volunteer to fill the education chair to organize the educational forums for the organization. 


Sunday, September 25, 2022

JR Newsletter: 25 September 2022 (576)

Brad Karoleff wrote:


Collectors of circulated Capped Bust half dollars by die marriage are invited to contact me for a list of R5 half dollars by die marriage.  They are mostly certified by NGC and are in the F-VF grade range with some graded higher and some in “details” holders.  Please send me a request at bkaroleff(at) for a copy of my FPL.


Also, I am in need of articles for the fall issue of The John Reich Journal.  There are very few articles in the file at this point.  I did have a small computer snafu recently and anyone who has sent me something for publication in the last couple of months are encouraged to resend their article so I can be sure to include their work in the next issue.  Sorry for any inconvenience but, as they say, poop happens.  


We also need a volunteer for the position of educational director.  This involves obtaining a speaker for the FUN and ANA shows for the society.  Anyone willing to serve in this position please contact me ASAP.  That being said, we need a volunteer to give the presentation at the upcoming FUN convention in January.  Anyone willing to give the presentation should email me so I can include the information in the next issue and in the FUN convention magazine.  




Brad Karoleff


Sunday, August 28, 2022

JR Newsletter: 28 August 2022 (575)

Jim Matthews wrote:


Recap of the ANA show is that it was busy! Most dealers arrived either Sunday or Monday prior to the show opening to the general public on Tuesday. Monday was a chance to get inventory coins into security and go view auction lots for the many upcoming sales. After the day of travel everyone was pretty tired and the thought of being at the show and setting up by 8 am had everyone a bit on edge. When the initial stampede of coin and supply laden dealers herded through the security gate to find their respective tables, it was time for business. Set up went well and immediately coins started selling. Tuesday night dinner was hosted by the Bust Half Nut club for their annual Corn Roast where collectors gather to share new purchases and view coins, always a great time to see and meet friends!


Wednesday the show dug into the marathon week, and the hours flew by. The morning started out with the John Reich Collectors Society meeting at 8:30 am. Norma McCloskey and her daughter attended and all in attendance were invited to give their memories and recollections of John McCloskey, who passed away a few years ago. The discussion of the day was a talk on Proof Capped Bust quarters by Dr. Charles Link and Barry Sunshine, with great information and photographs. I was honored with being inducted into the JRCS Hall of Fame this year, an absolutely thrilling moment for me and I am so thankful for this award and recognition. By 10 am the show was opening and dealers needed to get to their tables. As in past years I share a bit of table space with Dave Perkins at the ANA show. There was always a crowd around my friend W. David Perkins table so rarely was there much time to process paperwork for the grading services or anything else, as great conversations were ongoing through each and every day. 


Thursday I had the good fortune to acquire a tough die state from Brian Greer, one of the sharpest numismatists out there. He had a high grade 1833 JR-1 dime with a retained cud, a good bit better than my set coin so I was thrilled to find that piece. A happy hour with lots of appetizers was hosted by Stacks-Bowers and my friend Richard Meaney and I attended that, thank you Stacks-Bowers! No need for dinner after all those choice morsels at Gibson's steak house. 


Friday came all too fast and the day was filled with more business, great bust coins and some good byes as collectors headed off to the airport. Dinner the last night was with friends Dave Perkins and Mike Clark, which was the perfect cap to a delightful and busy week. Saturday the usual long 10-hour drive home awaited, which went off without a hitch.


After two years of somewhat limited shows it’s great to get back to seeing and being with friends to share our stories of life and numismatic triumphs and tragedies. These are what make numismatics such a great hobby, it’s the people sharing and caring for each other and holding the torch for future collectors to follow. Over my 50+ years of collecting, I've had many incredible mentors, Jules Reiver, Dave Perkins, Dave Kahn, Sheridan Downey, Bill Subjack, Russell Logan, Allen Lovejoy, David Davis and John McCloskey to name a few. Too many have passed on now and it’s up to us to continue in their rich tradition of sharing information, always learning and finding new discoveries in our travels as numismatists.


I came across one of the hard to find Deluxe editions of Early United States Dimes signed by each of the five authors, these were limited to only 100 copies and this is number 42. This copy is in Very Good condition, clearly used with a hint of staining, and as usual the cover has edge tears from many times coming on and off a shelf for reference. I'm asking $225 and add $10 for shipping and handling in the US. 


I'm also working with the family of Jim McGuigan to sell off his reference book collection and he had a nearly-new copy of Federal Half Dimes 1792 - 1837 by Logan and McCloskey. It is not signed and doesn't seem to have any notes inside. I'm asking $150 for this with $10 shipping and handling.


I can be contacted on my cell at 540-335-3288 or by writing to me at bustdollar(at)




Greg Cohen wrote:


Fabulous Collections and Important Rarities to Anchor Legend’s Regency Auction 54

Superb Proof Barber Dimes, Exquisite Capped Bust Half Dollars, Registry Set of Oregon Halves set to cross the auction block.

(Lincroft, NJ—August 22, 2022)—Legend Rare Coin Auctions, the Official Auctioneer of the PCGS Members Only Show, will present the 54th Regency Auction on September 8, 2022, at the Omni Hotel in San Diego. Containing 347 lots, the sale is anchored by the Meridian Collection of Proof Barber Dimes; the Perfection Collection of Capped Bust Half Dollars; and the Ed Wielawski Collection of Oregon Half Dollars. Also included in the sale are several fabled rarities. 

The Perfection Collection. The astonishing Perfection Collection of Capped Bust Half Dollars. A collection decades in the making, starting in the 1980s, Mr. Perfection, as he is known in the hobby, caught the Bust Half Fever, and over the course of these nearly 40 years, has owned many great examples, from AU to MS67. The 33-coin PCGS Date Set Registry Set begins with 1807 and ends with 1839-O. The coins in this set, which ranks as the current #2 set on the PCGS Registry, and #3 all time, as well as being the #2 CAC Registry Set. 

“I have known Mr. Perfection for decades, and he has been an active and astute buyer from both Legend Numismatics and Legend Rare Coin Auctions,” said Laura Sperber, founder of both Legend firms. “As his chosen online ‘handle’ suggests, every coin had to be nothing less than perfection! We congratulate him in the historic offering we will be presenting.” 

Each coin of the Perfection Collection is a highlight!

The Meridian Collection. This wonderful collection ranks near the top of the PCGS/CAC Registry Sets of the series. 

The consignor has been an avid coin collector for over fifty years and a proficient numismatist who has assembled several extensive collections consigned to various auctions over the last twenty years, including several previous Legend Regency Auctions. He decided several years ago to put together smaller sets of Proof coinage of various unappreciated series of coins. It is our honor to now offer The Meridian Collection of Proof Barber Dimes. One of these sets was the Meridian Collection of Proof Liberty Nickels we sold in Regency Auction 34.

Every coin in this set is either a Gem or Superb Gem grade, most displaying Cameo or Deep Cameo contrast. The coins placed into these collections have been carefully selected for the strong eye appeal and high grades. While not all of the coins were the highest graded, many are among the finest certified, and each was specifically collected for its visual effect. The quality of the coins is acknowledged by the 100% CAC approval. A number of coins are from previous Legend Auctions or were from some fantastic collections, including Denali and Simpson.

The Ed Wielawski Collection. All the coins were hand selected by Ed, and many are either tied for finest or second finest for the issue; some of the coins are old friends, having been offered in earlier Regency Auctions. This popular classic commemorative type was struck for multiple, non-consecutive years, beginning in 1926 and ending in 1939. The complete series consists of 14 coins. Designed by James Earle and Laura Gardin Fraser, the obverse depicts a standing Native American in full headdress in the foreground, the map of the continental United States with a stylized covered wagon that follows the path of the famed Oregon Trail. The reverse shows a family traveling by covered wagon, the father leading the oxen on foot, while mother holds baby at the front of the wagon, as they follow the sun west. It is one of the most beautifully designed and adored type among the fifty that make up the classic commemorative type set.

Sale highlights include, but are not limited to:

Lot 1. 1/2C 1848 ORIGINAL PCGS PR65 BN CAC Ex Robinson-Partrick.

Lot 19. 1C 1935 PCGS MS68+ RD CAC

Lot 46. 5C 1935 PCGS MS68

Lot 60. 10C 1898 PCGS PR67+ DCAM CAC From The Meridian Collection Of Proof Barber Dimes

Lot 78. 10C 1915 PCGS PR67+ CAM CAC From The Meridian Collection Of Proof Barber Dimes

Lot 79. 10C 1874-CC ARROWS PCGS AU55 CAC Ex Rian's Bequest

Lot 93. 25C 1823/2 PCGS AU55

Lot 104. 25C 1897-S PCGS MS67+ CAC Ex R.S.D. Collection

Lot 111. 25C 1892 PCGS PR68+ CAM CAC

Lot 130. 50C 1815/2 PCGS MS64+ CAC From The Perfection Collection Of Capped Bust Half Dollars Ex Eliasberg

Lot 135. 50C 1821 PCGS MS66 CAC From The Perfection Collection Of Capped Bust Half Dollars

Lot 140. 50C 1826 PCGS MS67 CAC From The Perfection Collection Of Capped Bust Half Dollars Ex Eliasberg

Lot 155. 50C 1839-O PCGS MS65+ CAC From The Perfection Collection Of Capped Bust Half Dollars

Lot 196. $1 1880-S PCGS MS68+ PL CAC

Lot 246. $1 1925 PCGS MS67+ CAC

Lot 256. $1 1934-S PCGS MS66 CAC

Lot 262. G$1 1877 PCGS MS68 CAC

Lot 265. $2.50 1864 PCGS AU50

Lot 279. $5 1846-O PCGS AU55 CAC

Lot 308. $20 1904 PCGS MS64+ PL CAC

Lot 322.  50C 1928 OREGON PCGS MS68 From The Ed Wielawski Oregon Collection

Lot 327. 50C 1937-D OREGON PCGS MS68+ CAC From The Ed Wielawski Oregon Collection

Lot 346. 50C 1870 J-989 PCGS PR67+ RB CAC 

Lot 347. $1 1871 J-1148 PCGS PR66+ RB CAC


A 143-lot internet only session, as part of Regency Auction 54, will soft-close on Sunday, September 11, 2022 beginning at 7pm eastern. 

Legend Rare Coin Auctions is the premier boutique numismatic auction house specializing in quality U.S. numismatics. Founded by Laura Sperber of Legend Numismatics in 2012, Legend Rare Coin Auctions has brought many fabulous collections to market, including the Coronet Collection, the Northern Lights Collection, the Flannagan Collection, the Konstantine Collection, the Chicago Collection, and selections from the Bob Simpson Collection. The firm is always accepting consignments for upcoming Regency Auctions. Contact them at 732-935-1168 to discuss your holdings.


Greg Cohen

Senior Numismatist 

PO Box 189 | Lincroft, NJ 07738








Sunday, August 7, 2022

JR Newsletter: 7 August 2022 (573)


From the John Reich Journal:

The John Reich Collectors Society will have its annual membership meeting at the ANA’s World’s Fair of Money.  The meeting will be on Wednesday, August 17, 2022 at 8:30 AM in room 12 of the convention center in Rosemont.  The educational presentation will be by Barry Sunshine and Dr. Chuck Link on the joy of collecting Bust Quarters.



Winston Zack wrote with an announcement about his latest book:


Name:            Winston Zack

PayPal:          stoneman101(at)



BAD METAL is Back!

More coins. More history. More characters.

Available for pre-order at $70, individually numbered and signed.



Albuquerque, New Mexico, August 2022.  After more than 8 years of diligent research, study, and documentation, the second book in Winston Zack’s award-winning, four-part Bad Metal book series of circulating contemporary counterfeit U.S. coins, Bad Metal Silver. 3cS to 25c, will be printed this Fall.


Bad Metal Silver. 3cS to 25c covers counterfeit silver denominations including three cent silvers (3cS), half-dimes, dimes, twenty cents, and quarters from the Bust, Seated, Barber, Renaissance, and Presidential series.  This 250+ page, professionally photographed, full-color book documents more than 240 die-struck counterfeit coins along with dozens of cast counterfeits with most varieties having never been previously published.  Counterfeit families of related varieties are carefully assembled with close-up pick-up-point images.  And where larger families of similar looking varieties are concerned, a quick attribution guide was created in order to make identification of varieties easier and faster.


Was coin counterfeiting always viewed by the public negatively?  Who would have guessed that the lowly 3cS denomination was one of the most counterfeited coins of its era!  Were the so-called ‘Soviet Mercury Dimes’, dated 1923-D and 1930-D, really made in the Soviet Union?  Did you know that people were counterfeiting Washington quarters for circulation in the 21st century?  Discover this information and much more in Bad Metal Silver. 3cS to 25c.


This book is far and away the most comprehensive, previously untold, illustrated history covering these counterfeited coins made for circulation.  While bits and pieces of this subject have been published in the past, their scattered nature had never placed them into a historical context, the motivation of counterfeiters over time was never scrutinized, nor did numismatists realize the scope and scale of this largely ignored and forgotten subject.  This book defines circulating contemporary counterfeit coins as known today. The author anticipates more new discoveries and those will be posted on the website.


Pre-order your copy of Bad Metal Silver. 3cS to 25c today for $70-shipped at or at the PayPal address above.  The regular book price will be $100.  All pre-orders will receive an individually numbered and autographed copy in the order in which they were placed.


Winston Zack is an established author of now 4 numismatic books over the last 15 years.  He is best-known for this Bad Metal book series covering the entirety of circulating contemporary counterfeit federal United States coinage from the late 18th through the 21st centuries.  Counterfeit half dollars and silver dollars will be the next book published in this series, and the final book will cover all counterfeit gold denominations.  Anyone wishing to assist in this overall research and publication effort can contact Winston through his website or email.


For more information about this subject, visit



From Sheridan Downey:

To my collecting friends and colleagues,

Mail Bid Sale No. 54 has engendered unusual excitement.  More than half the lots have received bids and are now "in play," their reserves having been met.  From long experience I can tell you this bodes well for the bust half market and, of course, my consignors.  I can almost guarantee that 60% of all bids will be entered during the 24 hours before the auction closes at 6:00 PM CDT, Aug. 17, 2022.  

Certain lots have grabbed the lion's share of activity.  I see one lot with 20 bids already entered, another with 17, a third with 13.  And all this before printed catalogs arrived in the mailboxes of hardcore bidders.  The catalogs went out via first class mail on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.  The Post Office told me to expect delivery this weekend, Monday at the latest.  Perhaps you downloaded your personal copy from the Latest News section of my web site,

Lot preview by mail is now closed.  The last mailing was today.  It is not too late to order a copy of Steve Herrman's empirical price guide for bust halves, AMBPR.  I have two copies left.  The cost is $32 plus Priority Mail postage.  The 270 page booklet is invaluable to collectors.  You should also subscribe to Dave Rutherford's on-line Bust Half Dollar Auction and Sales Results,

Many of you know Ron Guth.  He is a numismatic researcher and author with 50+ years experience in the coin business.  He is a past president of PCGS (preceding Don Willis' tenure).  In 1999, while associated with PCGS, he created CoinFacts a vital research tool with which we are all familiar.  (Known today as PCGS CoinFacts).  His numerous writings and contributions to the numismatic community earned him the 2014 ANA award as Numismatist of the Year.  They also earned him a place in Coin World's Top 10 Most Influential People in Numismatics.  If you kept your copy of the April 2021 Coin World issue turn to page 82 for more about Ron.  (I'm in there too, but NOT in the Top 10.)

Ron wrote me last week.  He had seen the online version of my catalog and thought it might be worthwhile to review and comment upon the upcoming auction.  Ron has an educational channel on YouTube.  He offers news and personal observations on significant numismatic events.  Trust me, this was a completely unexpected development.  I think you will enjoy his presentation:

From the editor:  Due to my travel schedule, there will likely be no JR Newsletter published on August 14th.