Sunday, October 10, 2021

JR Newsletter: 10 October 2021 (555)

Brad Karoleff wrote:

I’ve been work on the next issue of our journal but could still use some content. If anyone can help with a submission please get in touch with me ASAP. Thanks. 


Sunday, September 19, 2021

JR Newsletter: 19 September 2021 (554)

Brad Karoleff wrote:

The next issue of the journal is scheduled to go out in November. In order to meet that schedule I need submissions to help fill out the issue. We will be publishing the Capped Bust half dollar and the Reeded Edge half dollar censuses but need some smaller articles to fill out the issue. Please consider submitting something for inclusion in this year ending issue. 

That being said, it will be dues time again. There will be a notice included in the issue to remind our yearly members to renew their subscription.

There will also be an offer from Heritage Auctions for a free catalog of the John W. McCloskey collection to be sold at the upcoming FUN convention in January. Although John’s collection is more Liberty Seated focused there will be some interesting bust coins available for bidding. It will be an interesting way to begin the numismatic year. 

Stay healthy and enjoy our wonderful hobby. 


Sunday, September 5, 2021

JR Newsletter: 5 September 2021 (553)


Charlie Horning wrote:

I have begun a research project on the 1806 O-111b die state. There has been considerable confusion regarding the definition of the die state as well as the number of unique examples extant.

I would like to narrow the definition of the "b" die state to be the same as the Tompkins DS-7 in his text (2 full cuds).

If our members collect Draped Bust half dollars by die variety or die state, I would like to ask them to check their collections for any 
1806  O-111 examples with 2 full cuds.

Linked below, you will see my research proposal and the request for specific information on the die state.

If my research goes well, I plan to publish it in the JR Journal.


Charlie Horning    buckaroo9(at)    

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Sunday, August 22, 2021

JR Newsletter: 22 August 2021 (552)


Winston Zack wrote:


On September 1st I plan to start contacting folks via email about collecting the 2021 census on counterfeit CBHs.  The last census was conducted in 2019 by Larry Schmidt with the results posted at, and Larry has agreed to let me take the reins for this 2021 census.  Since the 2019 census, many new varieties have been documented; additional examples of scarcer varieties have been identified; new collectors have started collecting these counterfeits; and more generally, collections have grown, shrunk, and been sold.  

Larry has provided me with a confidential list of prior census participants who I plan to contact via email on September 1.  In addition, if you have not been previously contacted about being included in this census and you would like to participate this year, please send an email to – to be added to the contact list.  Additional details about this census will be included in the email you receive from me on September 1.

After the census is complete, on or around October 31 I will provide a summary report documenting the results of this census to all participants.  In addition, that report, or a similar version, will be posted on the website before the end of 2021.



Winston Zack

Sunday, August 8, 2021

JR Newsletter: 8 August 2021 (551)

David Perkins wrote:

Hope to see many of you at the ANA Convention and JRCS Meeting this coming week!


W. David Perkins Numismatics will have Table 611 featuring a prime Central Location on the Bourse.  Richard Meaney, Jim Matthews, and I will be behind the table and look forward to seeing our fellow collectors and dealers.


Highlights include Part I of the Sale of the Richard Meaney CB Half Dime Reference Collection which we purchased a few months ago.  This complete set of all known die marriages and remarriages, dates and types, is truly Extraordinary.  Formed over 20 plus years, with over three fourths of the collection with CAC Stickers.  Eye appeal abounds.


We will also have on display “The Long Island Collection of Dimes,” a high grade and eye appealing date set of Draped and Capped Bust Dimes.   


Along with the above two items we’ll have numerous Draped and Capped Bust half dimes, dimes, half dollars, nearly two dozen early dollars, along with Type and a relatively large selection of early and other gold from a multi-million dollar Denver Estate Collection started in the late 1950s!  Dates and denominations for the early gold include 1795, 1797 (2 coins), 1799 (2), 1800, 1801, and 1803; 1800 and 1820 $5, and 1805 $2.50.  

Should be an exciting and blockbuster show!


W. David Perkins

Centennial, CO 


Cell 303-902-5366


Sunday, August 1, 2021

JR Newsletter: 1 August 2021 (540)


Brad Karoleff wrote:

The latest JR Journal should be in everyone’s hands now.  
If you have not received yours please drop me a line at for a replacement issue.

Hopefully many of you will be at the ANA in a couple weeks to see the presentation by Richard Meaney, 
at our annual meeting Wednesday morning in room 7 of the Stephens Convention center.


Editor added:  The official ANA program shows that the Aug 11 meeting of the JRCS will start at 8:30 AM.
Also, there may be an early JR Newsletter next week or no JR Newsletter next week depending on 
reader contributions and this editor's travels that will have him planted at table 611 in Rosemont. 

Sunday, July 25, 2021

JR Newsletter: 25 July 2021 (539)



Dave Kahn wrote:

David Kahn Rare Coins, Inc. is proud to announce that we recently acquired the Dick Graham Reference Collection of Reeded Edge Bust half dollars!  The collection lacks just a few things that Dick sold over the last few years or was never able to acquire - his 36 Reeded, 39 Small Letters, the 2 super-rare 39-O marriages, and the 38-O - but everything else is here and will be available at the ANA in Rosemont in just a couple weeks.  


There are several Plate coins from his book, a few finest known and high CC coins, and lots of interesting die states too.  Most of the coins are in very collectible grades of XF through AU58, all are in PCGS or NGC holders, and nearly all carry the GR attribution on the label.  We're particularly impressed with the quality and eye appeal of the 1839's ...if you collect this series or just want to assemble a date run of choice coins, you likely appreciate how tough those are to find.  In addition to the coins, we will have copies of Dick's book available (we have just a few left from the second printing, and we have been told in no uncertain terms there will not be a third printing), and we will also have Dick there to answer any questions, offer additional info about the coins and even sign your book!  


We look forward to seeing you there. ...table #426.  Contact Sales(at) for more information.