Sunday, October 28, 2018

JR Newsletter: 28 October 2018 (417)

Tim Janecke wrote:

I thank you for publishing the three parts of the discussions by David Finkelstein and Christopher Pilliod. I heard them speak in Philadelphia. It is such an exciting topic and project. I have printed all three elements sent out. The information is given in a clear, understandable format. Thank you again for your efforts!

Are there any videos that you are aware of with the two authors giving presentations on this subject? 

Tim Janecke (JRCS member) 

Brad Karoleff wrote:

Here are the latest listings from the Logan Library.

1.  Federal Half Dimes 1792-1837 by Logan and McCloskey.  A mint copy of the reference copy for collecting the half dimes.  $100.

2.  The Art and Craft of Coinmaking, A History of Minting Technology by Denis R Cooper.  This is a MUST addition to any serious collectors library who is interested in the minting processes from ancient to modern times.  Cooper has written the BEST tome on the subject to date.  Tipped in is some price research on the book, a copy of the Bolender to BB conversion table for Bust Dollars and his original sales receipt from Charles Davis for the book ($45!).  This book has appreciated more than many coins!  $400.

3.  Akers catalogs of the John Jay Pittman Collection in 3 parts. Parts one and two are Russ' auction room copies with his notes and partially named buyers.  PR are included for all three sales, the third sale being mint condition.  Included are also a set of transparencies used by Russ to determine the error striking of a coin.  $250.

4.  1929 original and 1964 Beebe reprint of A Register of Half Dollar Die Varieties and Sub-Varieties by M. L. Beistle.  The reprint is virtually mint while the 1929 is ex: Wm. W. Harrison with bookplate and extensive notations for his collection, Included is Harrison's attempt to devise a quick finder for the marriages. $50.

5.  The Complete Guide to Liberty Seated Half Dimes by Al Blythe. A near mint copy of this valuable reference signed by the author to Russ in 1992.  $75.

6.  The Complete Guide to Liberty Seated Dimes by Brian Greer. A near mint copy of this valuable reference signed by the author to Russ in 1992.  $75.

7.  The Comprehensive Encyclopedia of United States Liberty Seated Quarters by Larry Briggs.  A near mint copy of this valuable reference signed by the author to Russ in 1992. Included is the original sales receipt from Larry.  $125.

8.  The Complete Guide to Liberty Seated Half Dollars by Randy Wiley and Bill Bugert.  A near mint copy of this valuable reference signed by both authors.  There is also a sales circular included from the pre press ordering period offering a $2.95 discount.  Russ obviously sent in the full amount because there is a refund check from Randall Wiley for the discount which Russ never cashed!  This is a very scarce and in demand book.  $400.

9.  Contemporary Counterfeit Capped Bust Half Dollars by Keith Davignon, first edition limited leather bound edition by Money Tree Press. Numbered 13/25 on the bookplate autographed by Davignon with an additional note to Russ; "To Russ: Happy Hunting!  The original invoice from Sheridan Downey is included showing Russ paid the pre-publication price of $125.  An additional photograph is included.  $150.

10.  The Ultimate Guide to Attributing Bust Half Dollars by Glenn R. Peterson, MD.  This is a mint condition copy of Glenn's first edition of the attributing guide. $85.

As usual please add postage to these prices.  First email for each title to bkaroleff(at) purchases the lot. Your choice of Library Rate or Priority postage.  


Brad Karoleff