Sunday, September 18, 2011

JR Newsletter: 18 September 2011 (54)

We had no contributions this week, so your editor's comments are the ones you will have to live with until next week:

First, I usually limit myself to the early half dime category when searching for coins on ebay.  I saw one coin close last night that was labeled "1829 Dime" although it was in the early half dime category.  I thought the coin would sell for much more than the six or seven dollars that it did...but then again, I collect half dimes and really don't know my dimes too well.

A link to the closed auction is here:  eBay Link

Images of the coin that I took directly from the auction are below:

So, the obvious questions are (1) is it a dime in the wrong category or an early half dime in the right category? and (2) is it an altered date? and (3) is it a genuine 1829 JR-10?  What are the thoughts of the readers of the JR Newsletter?

Second thought and question of the week:  What were your impressions of the recently-closed Stack's Auction?  I noted there were a few nice half dimes in the auction, including at least one capped bust half dime that was from the "Logan Duplicate Auction" held by Brad Karoleff a few years ago.