Sunday, April 15, 2018

JR Newsletter: 15 April 2018 (391)

Nathan Markowitz wrote:

I was pleased to recently acquire an early die state of an 1807 Browning 2 quarter dollar (pictured below next to a typical late state example).  Despite looking for some years I have only seen two high grade examples. I even wondered if the few early unbroken reverses were saved as an explanation. 

(Other notable early silver coins with rare early states include two personal favorites:  the 1798 dollars B-5 and B-16 which are also duly admired for their dramatic breaks yet rarely exist unbroken)

I would be eager to see images of additional examples of 1807 B-2 in circulated grades without the telltale reverse break...please post if you happen to have one



Nominees for JRCS Hall of Fame

Nominations for the JRCS Hall of Fame class of 2018 are OPEN for a few more weeks.

The membership is encouraged to send nominations for the Hall of Fame at any time. You can nominate candidates for either the veteran (those who contributed before the advent of JRCS) or the modern (those who have been members of JRCS) categories. Please include any pertinent information about the nominee that you feel necessary. Nominees will then be voted on by the HOF committee and the inductees will be announced at the annual meeting at the ANA convention in the summer. We look forward to seeing your nominations!

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