Sunday, July 28, 2019

JR Newsletter: 28 July 2019 (456)

Mirek Kiec and Richard Meaney wrote:

If you have 1829 LM-6.1 and 1829 LM-7.1 half dimes, please bring to ANA Show for comparison and study. Richard will be at table 1533 all week and both Richard and Mirek will be at the JRCS membership meeting on Wednesday morning.

Ken Seholm wrote:

In my last EAC (Early American Coppers) Newletter it was noted that in the "5 May 2019 issue of the JR Newsletter, long-time John Reich Collectors Society member, Steve Hermann, shared a copy of the die marriage spreadsheets he uses for early half dimes, dimes, quarters, half dollars and dollars." As I have only started receiving the JR Newsletter earlier this month I was wondering if I might not be able to get a copy of the 5 May 2019 newsletter referenced above? 

Thank you
Ken Seholm  

Editor’s Response:  All of the “back issues” of the JR Newsletter are available at

One simply navigates to the online version of the JR Newsletter using that link and scrolls to find the issue of interest.  I believe the issue of interest will be on the second page of recent JR Newsletters, so be sure to click on “older posts” to view that second page.  Right there in the May 5 issue is the link to what Steve provided: