Sunday, December 6, 2015

JR Newsletter: 6 December 2015 (270)

Leading off this week's newsletter is a reminder from Jim Matthews for collectors of bust dimes:

Come one, come all and send me your Draped Bust and Capped Bust dime census grades! I have received several lists via email and regular mail, but please send me your census information if you haven't already. Its time to update our collections! Graded or raw, give it your best shot.

Jim Matthews' email is:


Thank you!

Next, Bob Stark wrote:

I share Winston's gratitude for the weekly JRCS Newsletter.  While it would be pleasurable to have many more articles,  especially related to our "crown " coin, the early dollar, one only has to think of how barren Sundays would be without the Newsletter.

Another important gain for our early federal coinage is to have a new, knowledgeable, and specialized dealer in our own Dave Perkins.

Holiday Best Wishes,
Bob Stark

 David Finkelstein wrote:

Two documents obtained from the American Philosophical Society have updated my understanding of the workflow of the first United States Mint.  See the article here:


To close out this week's contributions, Sheridan Downey wrote:
Readers should know that Mail Bid Sale #42 is set.  It will close Jan. 7, during the FUN Show in Tampa, with on-site lot preview occurring Jan. 6-7 at my bourse table.  There are 113 lots in the sale.  A list is going up on my web site now and should be complete later today.  Head to and click on "Active Auction."  

Bidding will commence in a couple of weeks.  Collectors should go ahead and register now via the links found in the upper right corner of the web pages.  In the meantime, I'm happy to field questions from anyone.  That includes arranging preview of lots by mail.  

Happy Holidays to all.