Sunday, April 3, 2016

JR Newsletter: 3 April 2016 (287)

David Perkins provided our sole contribution for the week:

JRCS Meeting and the Whitman Baltimore Show

About 17 of us attended the JRCS Regional Meeting at the Whitman Baltimore show last Friday.  The meeting was held in Room 301 of the Baltimore Convention Center on Friday afternoon from 4-5:00pm EST. 
Dr. Glenn Peterson was our host, and a wonderful job he did.  The topic he selected was the 1815 and 1825 ‘E’ and ‘L’ Counterstamped Bust Quarters.  This topic has appeared in the John Reich Journal over the years, and always leads to a lively discussion.  We still don’t know who did this, or why.  This time was no different.  The audience was quite engaged with questions and thoughts on this topic.
Glenn kindly shared four beautiful examples of these two counterstamps.  He also brought along some early quarters with cuds, another popular collecting area for many JRCS members and others.  These were “passed around the audience!”
One highlight for me at the show was viewing the Pogue Draped Bust, Small Eagle Dollars and Gobrecht Dollars at the Stack’s table close by.  Lustre abounded, as did “feathers on the eagle’s breast!” 
I had the Kirk Gorman Capped Bust Dimes on display and available for Lot Viewing, as well as almost 100 early dollars 1794-1803 from the Warren Miller Collection for sale.  A number of these found new homes, including a very original and attractive 1797 B-2, BB-72 9X7 Stars, Small Eagle Dollar in PCGS AU50, easily one of the five finest known examples of this important Type and die marriage.  The Gorman Dimes will be sold around the ANA Convention this August, and are available for viewing on my website at
Capped Bust Half Dimes, Dimes, and Half Dollars also sold well at this show.
The Baltimore show was an excellent one for me and for a number of other collectors and dealers that I talked with.  If you’ve never been to this show, it is held three times a year and I strongly recommend you attend it sometime.  The November and March-April shows are the two best to attend. 
W. David Perkins