Sunday, December 23, 2012

JR Newsletter: 23 December 2012 (120)

We have an important announcement from Rich Uhrich headlining our newsletter this week:


The 1806 O-108 half dollar is the Knob 6, No Stem Through Claw variety, which has been highly sought-after for decades.  This coin has been graded PCGS Fine-12.  There are 7 known 1806 O-108 half dollars.  This coin has been referred to as the Pennsylvania specimen. 
The 1806 O-108 half in PCGS F-12 will be offered for sale at the FUN show by sealed bid closing Friday, January 11 at 4 pm EST.  At that time, the bids will be opened, the winning bid will be declared and the winning bidder notified.  Payment is due by 2 pm Saturday, January 12.  For an absentee bidder, other payment arrangements will be made.  The minimum bid is $97,000.  The coin will be on display at Rich Uhrich’s table #312 at the FUN show. 

Below is an image of the 1806 O-108 half in PCGS F-12.

Rich Uhrich

 Click on the image to enlarge it.


Jeff Reichenberger provided a few comments about the latest JR Journal:

It was a slow day at the shop, so at midday I cracked open my latest JR Journal to peruse as I slurped my soup. It didn't take long to be sucked into the vortex of David Finkelstein's obsessions. I found myself counting and re-counting, reading and re-reading about stars and azure lines until I actually understood! Never have I had so much pleasure self-inducing bloodshot eyes and a headache. During the time I was engrossed in the two Finkelstein articles I noticed I had three voicemails, which lead me to theorize that I thrice completely ignored the phone ringing!! Further reading brought several fine articles and when I turned the last page and looked at my watch, lo and behold, it was quittin' time! Thanks to the authors and editor for another great JR Journal! No better way to kill a day.


Finally, a note from the editor:

Paul Hybert provided me some excellent troubleshooting advice that should help me to try to minimize the instances of people receiving two email copies of the weekly JR Newsletter.  Unfortunately, with family and friends visiting this week and next, I have not had time to test these new solutions.  So at least for the time being, I will continue to inconvenience trillions of electrons.  Enjoy the holidays.