Sunday, August 19, 2018

JR Newsletter: 19 August 2018 (407)

This is our first issue of the JR Newsletter post-ANA 2018.  Readers who attended the show are likely re-adjusting to getting back home. Hoping that others share their ANA experiences in the upcoming weeks!

Garrett Ziss wrote:

The JRCS completed a video project this past week at the World’s Fair of Money in Philadelphia.  This group project contains important information about our club as well as an overview of each of the early U.S. silver denominations.  

The video has been posted on the popular numismatic YouTube channel, Numismatics with Kenny. You can view it at Thanks to Kenny Sammut for supporting our JRCS video.

We hope that this outreach project will attract new members to our club.  Please share this video with anyone who is interested in learning about early U.S. silver coins or in joining the JRCS.


Garrett Ziss
JRCS #1465

Richard Meaney wrote:

At the JRCS membership meeting, I announced that JRCS President Bradley Karoleff had been selected to membership in the JRCS Hall of Fame.  Brad is a researcher, author, and longtime editor of the JR Journal, among many other notable accomplishments and contributions to the JRCS and numismatics in general.  As this announcement was a surprise to Brad, he was speechless for a moment…an R-8 moment at that!

The presentation by David Finkelstein and Chris Pilliod on the metal composition of early US silver was phenomenal!  I appreciated that the information presented was the result of many YEARS of research (with more to come)!

I spent my week working at table 741, where David Perkins and Jim Matthews had a variety of coins for sale.  Jim had two cases of coins, whereas David had six. We were right next to the table of Gerry Fortin and his assistant, Dan White.  As you might guess, our area was pretty busy. If someone was looking for early/bust silver, seated coins, and gold, they found their way to our part of the bourse. I really enjoyed working behind the table, interacting with customers, interacting with fellow collectors, and talking about half dimes with like-minded collectors.