Sunday, October 27, 2019

JR Newsletter: 27 October 2019 (469)

Michelle (Crain) Bouley wrote:

You are invited to celebrate the life of Stephen Crain.  Remember the happy times, share stories and raise a glass with his children on November 23, 2019, at 5:00 PM at Bruno’s restaurant in Portland, Maine.   Hors d'oeuvres and dinner will be provided.  There will be a cash bar.

Feel free to share this invite with others.  Please RSVP via the following link by Thursday, November 14th.


Jim Matthews wrote:

It’s time to get in your Draped Bust and Capped Bust Dime census to Jim Matthews -- if you haven't already. The summaries will be tallied up in the next week or so. You can send your information to me via email or snail mail. The more information we receive, the better the data produced, so please participate.

my contact information is:

email:   bustdollar(at)

address: PO Box 1118
          Mount Jackson, VA 22842

Thank you for participating.

Steve Herrman wrote:

New Yearly Publication by Stephen J. Herrman

Auction Prices Realized for Draped Bust Dollars 1794-1803
Winter 2019 Revision (1st edition)

   Printed format: $35.00 delivered to your postal address via Media Mail
   PDF format: $25.00 delivered to your email address
   Printed & PDF formats: $40.00

To reserve your copy, please contact Steve at herrman102(at)

Orders received prior to December 1, 2019, shall receive a $3.00 discount.

$3.00 will be donated to the JRCS for each copy sold.

Ron Guth wrote:

By Ron Guth
If you’re a type collector who only wants the best, it helps to know what coins are available and their provenance. The price history of the finest known examples tells us what they have sold for in the past and what they might bring today.  Provenance tells us what prominent collectors held these coins in the past and who owns them today. 
The Capped Bust Half Dime design appeared from 1829 to 1837, inclusive.  All dates of this type are common, though there are some major varieties that are scarce and some individual die varieties that are rare. The following list includes some of the finest Mint State examples known to exist of the Capped Bust Half Dimes:
1832 H10C LM-13 PCGS MS68+
James W. Lull Collection - Bowers & Merena 1/2005:659, $41,400 - Bob R. Simpson Collection - Tom Bender Collection (PCGS Set Registry)1830 H10C PCGS MS68
1831 H10C PCGS MS68
Knoxville Collection - The Mint (Jay Parrino), sold privately - Bob R. Simpson Collection - Tom Bender Collection
1834 H10C PCGS MS68
Bob R. Simpson Collection - Legend Rare Coin Auctions 5/2016:74, $45,825
1835 H10C Small Date, Small 5C PCGS MS68
1835 H10C Large Date, Large 5C LM-4 NGC MS68
Goldbergs 1/2015:1147, $21,738
1834 H10C NGC MS68 LM-4
Bowers & Merena 4/2005:3362, $13,800 - Joseph C. Thomas Collection - Heritage 4/2009:2189, $18,400
1830 H10C LM-14 C in AMERICA over Horizontal C PCGS MS68
Bob R. Simpson Collection - Tom Bender Collection
1830 H10C LM-14 C in AMERICA over Horizontal C NGC MS68
Goldbergs 2/2009:821, $9,775 - Heritage 1/2010:2468, $16,100
This list may not be complete and should be used only as a guide for further investigation.  The list relies primarily on auction appearances, population reports, and registry listings; it may not include many private transactionsor institutional holdings.  The list is dynamic, as ownership and grades can, and do, change over time.
If you have additions or updates to this list, please contact Ron Guth at ron(at)

Ron Guth
Numismatic Consultant

Greg Cohen wrote: 

Please find linked a press release regarding our recently concluded special Regency Event: Exclusively Legend Auction, held on Thursday, October 24, 2019.

For more information regarding any of the coins sold, please contact Greg Cohen, senior numismatist at greg(at)
For images, please contact Patrick Braswell, at Patrick(at)

Thank you for your consideration.

Best regards,

Greg Cohen

Senior Numismatist
Legend Rare Coin Auctions
PO Box 189 | Lincroft, NJ 07738



In response to the idea that the JR Newsletter move from a weekly format to a monthly format, we received a number of responses, which are posted here without attribution to specific responders.  Additional opions are still welcomed:

“Good idea!”

“Bi-weekly at first?  Then move it to monthly if no progress is made?”

“I think you are correct.  Monthly might be best, if something demands immediate attention, you can make an exception at that moment.”

“The main issue is lack of contributions these days.  I’m not sure going to monthly would solve this but it might help – you’d have to send out a reminder or two.  Biweekly (twice a month) might be another alternative to consider.  It would be great if we could get more contributions.”

“My opinion is to stay weekly.  Only recently have we had weeks with no contributions.”