Sunday, August 22, 2021

JR Newsletter: 22 August 2021 (552)


Winston Zack wrote:


On September 1st I plan to start contacting folks via email about collecting the 2021 census on counterfeit CBHs.  The last census was conducted in 2019 by Larry Schmidt with the results posted at, and Larry has agreed to let me take the reins for this 2021 census.  Since the 2019 census, many new varieties have been documented; additional examples of scarcer varieties have been identified; new collectors have started collecting these counterfeits; and more generally, collections have grown, shrunk, and been sold.  

Larry has provided me with a confidential list of prior census participants who I plan to contact via email on September 1.  In addition, if you have not been previously contacted about being included in this census and you would like to participate this year, please send an email to – to be added to the contact list.  Additional details about this census will be included in the email you receive from me on September 1.

After the census is complete, on or around October 31 I will provide a summary report documenting the results of this census to all participants.  In addition, that report, or a similar version, will be posted on the website before the end of 2021.



Winston Zack