Sunday, October 11, 2015

JR Newsletter: 11 October 2015 (262)

David Finkelstein wrote:

A number of myths have been published about David Rittenhouse.  It was incorrectly documented that he posted Henry Voigt’s surety bond.  We now know that he did not.  It was incorrectly documented that he was incarcerated in debtors’ prison.  We now know that he was not. Please read "Dr. David Rittenhouse - Part 1:

Tom Little wrote with a link to a Coin World article on the sale of the Lord St. Oswald 1794 dollar at the Stack's Pogue auction:

David Sunshine wrote:
Presenting The Juniper Collection of Early US Silver!
The Juniper Collection is an important offering of Draped and Capped Bust US Silver coins consigned to me by a long time JRCS member. It includes many investment grade coins that are infrequently seen in today's market.  Many coins are also very affordable for the early silver enthusiast. Please feel free to contact me with any of your questions.
I also have many other coins on my website including many desirable collector grade bust and seated coins. Many are CAC approved. Feel free to email me at davidbsunshine[at] if you have any questions.
David Sunshine