Sunday, February 5, 2017

JR Newsletter: 5 February 2017 (330)

Gregg Silvis wrote:

While I am not a member, I wanted to let the members of the John Reich Collectors Society know that Iona Peterson Reiver, widow of Julius “Jules" Reiver, died earlier this month.  Here is a link to her obituary:

She sounded like a wonderful woman.  I had the opportunity to meet Jules several years ago at a meeting of the Wilmington Coin club.  He was quite a character and a real gentleman.

Gregg Silvis

David Finkelstein wrote:

Since publishing my article titled “The First 1794 Dollar Released From The Mint” in the January 29, 2017 JR Newsletter, I had the opportunity to correspond with Robert Julian, and archivists from the National Archives and Library of Congress.  Robert Julian mentioned and quoted from the October 16, 1794 Edmund Randolph letter in an April, 2016 Coins Magazine article, therefore I am not the first to reference it.  I have also obtained digital access to George Washington’s diaries and Secretary of State Edmund Randolph’s outgoing letter book.  As a result, I have revised my article to include a reference to Robert Julian’s Coins Magazine article and have added images of 2 documents.  The only text changes to my article are in the section titled “October 16, 1794” and the paragraph preceding it.