Sunday, December 28, 2014

JR Newsletter: 28 December 2014 (221)

We have two contributions this week.

Dave Rutherford wrote:

There is another correction to Garrett Ziss's quiz. The number of remarriages in the capped bust series is four. The fourth is 1827 O.124 and 1827 O.135 as reported in the JRJ vol. 24 issue 1.

Dave Rutherford

Winston Zack wrote on two topics, the first being a response to Jim Matthews concerning a counterfeit 1796 dime:

There are numerous questions which need to be answered in order for numismatists to understand whether they own a 'Contemporary', 'Post-Contemporary' or 'Modern' counterfeit.

1) What is the provenance of the counterfeit (if known)?
2) When was the counterfeit acquired?
3a) What is the weight, specific gravity, and metallurgical composition of the counterfeit?
3b) How does the information in question 3a (above) compare to other like-counterfeits?
4) How does the manufacturing style compare to other known counterfeits (contemporary, post-contemporary, modern)?
5) What historical documentation, if any, is known about this counterfeit?

Answering these six questions can only bring us closer to understanding the contemporary nature, or lack thereof, for pieces like this.

There may also be additional, pertinent questions which should be asked in order to obtain a better conclusion about the counterfeit.

So, Jim, if you can provide answers to most/all the questions about for your 1796 counterfeit dime that would help you in identifying if the piece is contemporary or not.

Personally, I don't recall seeing a counterfeit with a reverse eagle design like the one on your counterfeit before. Then again I don't keep track of the modern, Asian counterfeit 1796 dimes on the market, so it could certainly match one!

Winston Zack also wrote to ask for some information on bust coin errors:

I was wondering if anyone out there has a list of Bust silver coin errors (double/triple struck, off-center, brockage, etc., but no cuds please) from the half-dime, dime, quarter, half-dollar and dollar series that they would be willing to share with me for a JRJ article I am looking to write. (The Bust Quarter errors are pretty well documented, I think, in the Bust Quarter books, but I will gladly add to that list if possible).

If you have this type of information to share with me and/or are curious to know more about why I'm requesting this information, please feel free to contact me at:  stoneman101(at)