Sunday, November 13, 2011

JR Newsletter: 13 November 2011 (62)

Nathan Markowitz wrote:

Greetings all.  Once again we are welcome to attend the annual EAC show May 3-6 2012 and display our treasures, give a presentation, or simply have fun.  I am coordinating the speakers for the convention who are given each an hour time slot on Friday or Saturday.  I try to balance the early silver and early copper topics and we silver folks have been well received in the past.  I would like to encourage those interested in presenting to contact me with their intended topic.  I especially try to include new speakers...remember, you need not be a world's expert; just share your passion.  Numismatic stories and literature related to early American coinage is also a perfectly appropriate topic.  If you want to show something instead of speak, Steve Carr coordinates tight rules, just let him know.  I look forward to hearing from you at cascades1787 (at)

Bob Stark wrote:

I share the regret at David's passing and express appreciation and thanks for his contributions to our enjoyment of our early Federal coinage. I recall first meeting him at the ANS Coinage of the Americas Conferences in New York about the time the JRCS was started. Unfortunately, we chanced to meet only a few times and briefly since. While I never knew his family, please add me to the many of our JRCS friends in expressing our regrets and best wishes.
Surely, we must consider an appropriate memorial within JRCS.
Bob Stark   #18 JRCS 


Hunter Wunch wrote:

I wanted to point out some info regarding an eBay auction that might save fellow JR Newsletter recipients some time and return shipping fees.  I bought this 1828 dime last week and returned it because the reverse has been re-tooled where the strike is weak in E Pluribus Unum. The seller didn't mention it in the first auction, and it's been relisted again without mention of the damage.