Sunday, March 7, 2021

JR Newsletter: 7 March 2021 (528)

We have contributions this week from Brad Karoleff and Steve Herrman.


Brad wrote:


I am working on the next issue of the John Reich Journal and am almost finished.  I find myself two pages short for the issue.  Does anyone have a short submission ready for publication?








Steve wrote:


Auction Prices Realized for Early Silver Dollars 1794-1803, Winter 2020 Revision, Number 2 was published in December 2020. A handful of printed copies are still available, and it also available in PDF format.




This issue includes auction records from all major auctions from January 2015 through November 2020. Older auction records for Condition Census specimens are included. 76 pages.


Printed format (softbound): $35.00 delivered via Media Mail

PDF format (searchable): $25.00 delivered via Email    

Both Printed & PDF formats: $40.00 delivered


To receive a copy, please contact Steve at herrman102(at)

This is a yearly publication. $3.00 is donated to the JRCS for each copy sold. 


Steve Herrman JRCS LM #28


A reminder from the editor:  When no contributions come in, we will see no blog post or email that week for the JR Newsletter