Sunday, January 4, 2015

JR Newsletter: 4 January 2015 (222)

As a preface to this week's edition of the JR Newsletter, I hope some of you who attend the FUN Show are planning to write about your experiences at the show and share it with readers of the JR Newsletter – Editor.

This week's contributions:

In response to Winston Zack's discussion of contemporary counterfeits, Paul Kluth wrote:

Great protocol below for identifying counterfeits!

There were some very neat Bust denomination errors that were sold in the 70's from the Bolt Collection.  I have misplaced my catalog from that sale, but if I ever find it, I will send you the information... maybe you can find a copy of that catalog somewhere in the meantime.


Garrett Ziss wrote:

In response to Mr. Dave Rutherford's December 28th post regarding my JRJ quiz, I have the following comments:

Yes, I did read about your proposed 4th Capped Bust Half Dollar remarriage in JRJ Volume 24, Issue 1. However, based on previous JRJ die remarriage articles that I read, I thought that there was an "official process" to confirm and document proposed Bust half remarriages. For example, in Mr. Van Harvey's article (Volume 12, Issue 2) it says the following: "During a get together with several other members of the Bust Half Nut Club while viewing O122's and O123's as well as photos of the three die states of the O123, we determined that a remarriage did exist between the two varieties."..."We now have our third remarriage confirmed for the Capped Bust Half Dollar series."

However, during discussions this past week with other JRCS members, I learned that while JRCS or BHNC members may get together to informally discuss a Bust half remarriage, there is actually no "official process" for confirming and documenting a new Bust half remarriage. Each collector is left to their own opinion as to how many Bust half remarriages exist. Therefore, there is no official answer to my quiz question. Maybe this will start discussions as to whether there should be a process to officially confirm and document Bust half remarriages.


Brad Karoleff wrote:

The new year is here and the FUN show looms on the horizon. 

I would also like to remind everyone who is enjoying the latest issue of the John Reich Journal that the next issue will be in the Spring.  I currently do not have much on hand to publish.  Please consider sending me something for the next issue. 

I look forward to seeing many of you at the show.  I will be setup at table 413, please stop by and visit if you are at the convention.

Best wishes for a happy and prosperous new year.

Brad Karoleff

James Higby wrote:

The David Sklow mail bid sale which closes February 7 includes lot 668, Davis et al. on early dimes.  I already have a copy, so I will not be bidding against anyone here!

James Higby

Sheridan Downey wrote:

This is a short reminder that Mail Bid Sale No. 40 closes this coming Thursday evening.  The deadline for emailing or calling-in your bids is 6:30 PM EST, Thursday Jan. 8, 2015.  I travel to Orlando Tuesday and will be available by phone all day Wednesday and Thursday.  My office number is all you need, 510-479-1585.  Never hesitate to call if you have a question concerning the sale or bidding process.  Please remember that you may review the full catalogue, the Terms of Sale and excellent photos of every coin in the sale by visiting my web site:

Enjoy your weekend.  I look forward to seeing many of you in Orlando.  The FUN Show will be fun!

Happy New Year!