Sunday, August 26, 2012

JR Newsletter: 26 August 2012 (103)

Liz Coggan wrote:

We will be, beginning on Monday, uploading a nice consignment of Capped Bust halves all with Overton numbers on the slabs.  I just received the coins back from PCGS late Friday and we will be offering them on our new online auction site at
Registration on the auction site is simple and FREE for a 90 day trial period.  Simply click on the Registration link once there, or if you prefer, call Gail or me at 1-800-343-6412 and we will set you up. 
We hope this will be the beginning of many nice collections offered on our online auction site.  There are more Bust Halves at PCGS so be sure to visit the auction site often as we will be adding additional parts of this consignment as they come back from grading and attribution.
Best wishes,
Liz Coggan
J J Teaparty, Inc. 


Richard Meaney wrote:

Many of you have likely read the article I wrote for the most recent John Reich Journal (August 2012) entitled "Is it Time for a New Remarriage Chart for Capped Bust Half Dime Reverse G?"  What some people don't know is the motivation for the investigation that resulted in my writing the article.

A number of years ago, back when Bill Luebke was publishing the weekly email "JR News" there was an article submitted by Alan Bricker in which Alan told of an 1830 LM-1 half dime he had found that appeared to be such an early die state (compared to the descriptions in Logan and McCloskey's "Federal Half Dimes 1792-1837") that we might need to call it an "1830 LM-1.0" because it likely preceded the 1830 LM-1.1 in emission order.  Although other specialists had not seen Alan's coin, we talked about the subject on and off over the years.  Half Dime aficionados looked for coins that would fit the description Alan had offered (no clash marks) for his AU+ coin.  It wasn't until 2009 that I found an 1830 LM-1 that fit the description of the coin Alan had written about.  Then a year or so later, another similar specimen was found.  When the similar specimen was found, I decided it was time to write the article. 

Also influencing my decision to write the article was something I had heard John McCloskey say a few times in the past.  Paraphrasing liberally, John has said that "information changes over time as collectors obtain new coins and study them and compare them against references and other coins they know about -- people will learn new information and publish that information, since it is the natural process of research."  I was happy to hear John make a similar statement again at this year's JRCS Annual Meeting at the Philadelphia ANA.  Anyone who has ever written an article, book, or published other research recognizes that their contributions are just steps toward a better understanding of the subject.  I am happy to have contributed to the body of knowledge on Capped Bust Half Dime remarriages, thanks to the encouragement and assistance of other specialists.