Sunday, May 15, 2011

JR Newsletter: 15 May 2011 (36)

Bill Luebke provides this week's sole contribution:

I have started collecting Seated and Trade Dollars so I'm joining LSCC.  I have sent the following to Region 8, the EAC newsletter, and JR Journal, the JRCS newsletter and to the LSCC.

This week's issue of "Region 8", the e-newsletter of our sister organization
EAC, had an item by John Wright about his emailing a seller on eBay who listed a
fake 1799 Large Cent.  My response may be of interest to JRCS members as well so
here it is:

In response to John Wright's complaint in last week's issue regarding getting fakes off

eBay, I have found that contacting the seller directly often doesn't work.  Yes,
some are appreciative and remove the offending item promptly.  But eBay itself
often discourages this.  I had an hilarious episode a few weeks go when I asked
a seller to remove two obviously counterfeit Trade Dollars.  He went ballistic,
told me to "get out of my space" and even threatened to sue me for deformation
[sic] of character.  I politely informed him that his character was clearly
deformed long before I entered the picture.  He then complained to eBay about me
and I received an email from eBay warning me not to contact sellers about items
I have "no intention to bid on".  So...I guess you have to bid on the
counterfeit before you contact the seller!  At least eBay saw that I was
absolutely correct, removed the items and assessed no penalty against me.

This is what I do now.  Click on "Report this item", click on "Prohibited

(banned) items", click on "Other prohibited (banned) items" and click again
"Other prohibited (banned) items".  In the "Brief explanation" box type
"COUNTERFEIT rare US coin".  eBay is hit or miss on these.  I usually report
several items per week.  Some weeks they remove all offending items quickly,
other times few.  Perhaps it depends on the volume of complaints and whether
they have a knowledgeable numismatist available.

I have also discovered several counterfeit coins in counterfeit PCGS holders. 

These are easy.  Simply send a link to the item to and the 800
pound gorilla will get it removed faster than poop through a goose!

Bill Luebke EAC #724 


Editor's Note:  To the JRCS members who attended the EAC Convention, how about a show report for next week's issue of the JR Newsletter?