Sunday, November 24, 2019

JR Newsletter: 24 November 2019 (473)

Ron Guth wrote:

By Ron Guth

Here’s my first stab at a Condition Census for the ten best 1809 Dimes.  I’m hoping that someone can help clear up some of the included comments.

NGC MS65 Bowers & Merena 8/2000:1067 (as NGC MS65), $2,185 - Bowers & Merena 7/2002:120 (as NGC MS65), $10,350

Gem Uncirculated 65
Paramount 9/1978:137 (as Raw Gem Brilliant Uncirculated) - Paramount 7/1979:30 (as Raw Gem Uncirculated 65)
Comment: This coin was the “finest seen” by Davis et al and it is the plate coin in EUSD.  Though their toning patterns do not match, this coin and the NGC MS65 listed above share enough similarities that I believe they are the same coin.  Can anyone provide any insight?

PCGS MS64 CAC 05834796
Barney Bluestone, 6/1946 - John Jay Pittman Collection, Part I - David Akers 10/1997:544 (as Raw MS65), $22,000 - Eugene H. Gardner Collection, Part I - Heritage 6/2014:30234 (as PCGS MS64 CAC), $31,725 - Easton Collection (PCGS Set Registry)

PCGS MS64 25040216
Heritage 1/2013:3931 (as NGC MS64+), $10,575 - Tom Bender Collection

PCGS MS64 34575034
Heritage 2/2012:3311 (as NGC MS65), $23,000

PCGS MS64 13126797
Richmond Collection, Part III - David Lawrence 3/2005:1112 (as NGC MS64), $8,625 - D.L. Hansen Collection

PCGS MS64 08888775
Superior 8/2004:297 (as PCGS MS64), $10,925 - American Numismatic Rarities 1/2005:344 (as PCGS MS64), $7,500 - Troy Wiseman Collection - Heritage 9/2006:1270 (as PCGS MS64, $11,500 - Charleston Collection - Heritage 6/2008:713 (as PCGS MS64), $11,500

Very Choice Brilliant Uncirculated
Stack's 3/2006:4162 (as Raw Very Choice Brilliant Uncirculated), $10,925 - Stack's 6/2006:451 (as Raw Very Choice Brilliant Uncirculated), $3,450

American Numismatic Rarities 11/2004:511 (as NGC MS64), $9,200 - Stack's 7/2008:1359 (as NGC MS64), $10,350 - Heritage 2/2014:3812 (as NGC MS64), $11,750 - Heritage 8/2016:4008 (as NGC MS64), $9,400

Superior “Auction ‘90” 8/1990:1033 (as NGC MS64), $19,800
Comment: I was not able to match this coin to any of the others listed above, but it is hard for me to believe that it has not shown up on the market again since then.  Does anyone have any insight on this one?

Please send any comments, edits, additions, or corrections to ron(at)  Any updates will be published in future editions.

Alan Bricker wrote:

Responding to Karl Lamson's commentary dated November 3rd regarding an 1837 half dime listed on eBay, I can confirm the coin was indeed counterfeit, as I believed was certain to be true after Karl had called the listing to my attention. I contacted the seller, a well-respected and successful PNG member dealer in Pennsylvania whom I have known going back nearly forty years. The coin was returned to the seller. I was able to examine the coin in person. A number of counterfeit diagnostics, including low weight of 1.21 grams, were noted during my study in-hand and under a digital microscope with photography. The seller is a trustworthy and very successful PNG professional with many years of experience, and I absolutely believe this listing was simply an honest mistake, possibly on the part of a staff member of the firm. Everything has been resolved smoothly.

Alan Bricker