Sunday, May 3, 2020

JR Newsletter: 3 May 2020 (496)

Bob Conrad wrote:

Thanks for sending out the e-journal! I am fascinated by the 1792 half dimes and all the research going into it. One thing has always bothered me. Jefferson dropped off $75 in silver July 11, 1792 and went back and got 1500 half dimes on the 13th, then went to Virginia. 

How could the mint, in a temporary basement, process this and cut planchets and make this happen so quickly? 

My other (unrelated) question is regarding overdates. Why would the mint bother? Considering what seems to be a a lack of concern as to what die was used in what year, typically. Is it because the current  customer wanted current dated coins? Did anyone care? Just wondering if it's ever been researched.   

Bob Conrad # 194


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