Sunday, December 30, 2012

JR Newsletter: 30 December 2012 (121)

Welcome to the last JR Newsletter for 2012.  This week, our one contribution has some important information from Sheridan Downey:

The big news this week has to be Dave Olmstead's announcement that he is retiring after the FUN Show.  Dave, the sole owner of Alpine Numismatics, has been a colleague, mentor and friend for more than 2 decades.  I will miss him ... as much for has wry wit as his depth of numismatic knowledge.  His "war stories" are endless, intriguing, insightful and always fun to hear.  Let's hope he publishes his memoirs after he tires of climbing mountains.

To some collectors a more surprising announcement will be my publication of a significant Fixed Price List.  I'm waiting for photos of a few coins before posting the List on my obsolete and neglected web site,  The offering of over 70 bust half-dollars, 1801 through 1833, will focus on scarce and rare die marriages in grades Fair through AU.  It should hit the Internet by the end of the week.  I will, of course, have the coins with me at the FUN Show in Orlando, Jan. 9-12.  Anxious collectors who wish an advance copy of the FPL may email me now at sdowney3 (at), indicating a preference for PDF or XLS format.

Thanks so much for your continued heroic efforts in editing and publishing the weekly newsletter.  No easy task, especially during the holidays.

All the best,

Editor's Note:  Sheridan's table is listed in the FUN Program as number 213