Sunday, May 11, 2014

JR Newsletter: 11 May 2014 (188)

We have two contributions this week.  Steve Herrman has an announcement with our first contribution:

Steve Herrman wrote:


The second revision of Auction Prices Realized for Certified & Graded Bust Half Dollars 1794-1839 (APRCG) shall be available in late June. The publication covers prices realized for all certified and graded Bust Halves sold in major auctions over the past three years. This is in contrast to the AMBPR which focuses on R3+ to R8 varieties, condition census coins, proofs, mint errors, and contemporary counterfeits.

Softbound, $25.00 postpaid ($22.00 if requested prior to June 1). Also available in PDF format.

Copies will be mailed to JRCS members with an enclosed invoice. Advance payment is not required.

Also: $1.00 shall be donated to each the JRCS and the BHNC for each copy sold.

Please inquire at Herrman102(at)


Steve Herrman



Bob Stark wrote:

Those who don't often make it to meetings relish accounts such as Glenn Peterson's. I made a mental note as I read to send this thank you. At the end --  imagine my disappointment to read nothing of the dollars. The series is so limited and it is our nation's crown coin that it is a continual surprise to me how often it is overlooked.

Best wishes,

Bob Stark