Sunday, March 29, 2020

JR Newsletter: 29 March 2020 (491)

Winston Zack wrote:

In my pursuit of documenting the history of circulating contemporary counterfeit U.S. coins, I've tasked my dad (retired, and bored with self-isolation) with sleuthing some information for this project.  He found this interesting clip from the 'Coming Nation' dated August 26, 1911.  While it only indirectly talks about counterfeit half-dimes, I found it interesting and peculiar that half-dimes were still in discussion into the 20th century; I would have thought by the turn of the new century they would be out of 'pop culture' and almost certainly out of circulation.  I'm sure our friend Steve Crain would have appreciated this clipping, and maybe could have shed some additional light on the impact of half-dimes in U.S. culture after they finished being minted in 1873.  And for David Perkins, do you know the year that 'Half Dime Lunch Room' menu was from which you shared in last week’s JR Newsletter?

Finally, if anyone has interesting circulating contemporary counterfeit Bust coins that may help my current research project, I would be interested in talking with you.  You can reach me at my email, Winston.S.Zack(at)  Specifically, I'm looking for the following contemporary counterfeits to document in this project:

1) Capped Bust half-dimes - cast and struck
2) Capped Bust dimes - struck
3) Capped Bust quarters - struck
4) Flowing Hair and Draped Bust halves - cast and struck
5) Capped Bust halves - only need a few documented varieties; and any and all undocumented varieties
6) FH/Draped Bust dollars - any that may exist.



Richard Meaney wrote:

I am sure nearly all collectors who collect coins by die marriage have played this game before.  I received some photos of a nearly-slick lettered edge half dollar from a collector.  He asked if we might be able to determine what the date is (was?) on this coin.  Good luck!