Sunday, October 29, 2017

JR Newsletter: 5 November 2017 (368)

Nathan Markowitz provided this week’s “headline” coin and the following:

This past weekend I set up at my first regional show.  Brad had kindly sent me some additional old issues of our Journal and I brought a half case of early material.  I happened to have three interesting late die states of early quarters (y’all know how much I dislike late state coins) and spent some time sharing them with shoppers who showed any interest.  Included were four young dealers, the youngest a mature 14 years of age at his own table next to mine.  I offered JR Journals to those who seemed interested and several insisted on getting a copy and were delighted to hear those four magical letters:  FREE.  Time will tell if this helps build new members and students of early silver but I can say it was a rewarding experience and the interest is out there.  I highly encourage others to promote the club at local shows as you are able…it was great fun.