Sunday, March 8, 2020

JR Newsletter: 8 March 2020 (488)

In response to John Okerson, Gary Rosner wrote:

Please pass along the linked file to John Okerson, it is on the Classis Head Quarter Eagle Varieties and is available from the Heritage website. They usually have a link to it under any Classis Head Quarter Eagle listing in their auctions. Look it about in their auction archives probably.

For Classis Head Half Eagles there is the John McCloskey varieties in the ANS Coinage of the Americas Conference “America’s Gold Coinage” book from November 4-5. 1989 which can be borrowed from the ANA library. That’s what I did. Maybe a copy can be found for sale used or from the ANS?

Mostly I just collect the Classic Head Gold varieties of 1835, but I may expand to the other dates in the future.

Enjoy collect them!
Anyone interested is welcome to contact me about this.

Gary Rosner

Another response, this one from Brad Karoleff:

In response to John Okerson's inquiry on the literature available for the Classic Head Gold series.  JRCS member, Daryl Haynor, has written a book on the subject with the input of John McCloskey's research which will be issued SOON.  Keep your eye out for an announcement on how to order your copy.

Brad Karoleff

Rich Uhrich wrote:

I have four Bust coins in the upcoming Stacks Bowers auction, all of which go up for sale on March 24.  Since the descriptions are very brief, I would like to add some additional information.

Lot 21313 - - 1833 Capped Bust Half Dime LM-3.4 R2 AU58 PCGS.  This coin has very attractive toning, especially on a capped bust half dime.

Lot 21314 - - 1835 Capped Bust Half Dime LM-5.1 R3 AU55 PCGS.  This is a legitimate LM-5.1 as verified by Capped Bust Half Dime expert Richard Meaney.  Some coins certified as LM-5.1 are in fact LM-5.2 as they have the die crack on the reverse, but this coin shows no trace of the die crack.

Lot 21538 - - 1818 Bust Quarter B-6 R4+ VG10 PCGS.  This is an early die stage (1/1) described by Tompkins as "The earliest die stage with no reverse cracks seems to be the rarest one to acquire."

Lot 21539 - - 1818 Bust Quarter B-9 R5- VG8 PCGS.  This is an early die state without the clashed arrowheads.