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JR Newsletter: 26 December 2010 (16)

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This week's contributions:

Nathan Markowitz wrote:

Springtime in the Pacific Northwest is just around the corner and we are well into the final planning for the EAC/JRCS convention to be held May 12-15 at the Doubletree Lloyd Center hotel in Portland Oregon.  This is not a traditional commercial show(though there are lots of dealers); its sort of like the JRCS room we have at ANA except for three straight days.j

For those who do not know Oregon or the Northwest May is nothing short of stunning.  Portland is blessed with numerous gardens: Chinese, Japanese, Rhododendron, and the massive international Rose Garden.  The Coast and Mt Hood are 1.5 hours away and downhill skiing is still ongoing at Mt Hood.  We are the microbrew capitol of america.  

We will be organizing a Columbia Gorge Waterfall tour on Saturday and a Winery Tour on Thursday.  Finally, for those who might have trouble convincing a non collector but shopping spouse to accompany you....Oregon has NO SALES TAX and the convention is right next door to prime shopping venues and a vibrant downtown.

Some details:

Thursday May 12:  Copper Grading Seminar 10-noon
                                Winery Tour:  Noon-5PM
                                Reception:  Yummy northwest food 5:30
                                Happenings:  Show your coins!  7:30-10PM....see below

Friday May 13:      Bourse open
                               Educational seminars on copper, silver, history
                               Keynote speaker/dinner

Saturday May 14:  Bourse open
                               Educational seminars/waterfall tour
                               Copper auction

Sunday May 15     Bourse closes 3 pm

A comment on the happenings:  This is a multiroom display to show off specific varieties of coins.  There will be a colonial, large cent, half cent, and bust silver room.  After five years we have already seen a wonderful array of early silver and I strongly encourage everyone to bring some examples to display; high grades are NOT necessary!

We need to finalize the listing for die marriages to display.  It is important that we choose ones where a number of examples will be displayed:

Early Quarters:  We have selected 1806 Browning 5 and 1806 Browning 6
Early Half Dimes:  ???
Early Dollars:  ???
Early Halves:  I have seen some discussion:  decision?
Early Dimes:  ???

Lets use this forum to finalize these varieties.  When I first did the quarters in 2006 fully 25% of the examples came from copper collectors so we need to get the word out!

Remember, we are guests at the EAC convention but are warmly welcomed.  The only comment I hear from the "pure copper" folks is that they want to see more of us.  If you can drive here, please attend.  If you are far away, please feel free to contact me if you want to learn more about the area and make this  a destination trip for your family:  cascades1787(at)

See you in May
Rick Beale wrote:

Anyone know where I can get a copy of the book "Early US Dimes 1796 - 1837" by Davis et al ? I'll be at Tampa FUN if that helps.

Ricky B

editor's comment:  When I hear from someone who needs that book, I typically refer them to Rich Uhrich.  Rich typically has a good selection of books, including "EUSD" 

Dennis Villanucci wrote:

This 1835 Bust Half Dollar (O.105) is counterstamped multiple times with "EXCHANGE HOTEL".  At first look, it appeared to me that the letters were punched individually, but the consistency of the mis-matched lettering styles in each stamping suggests that they were imparted with a prepared punch.  Note that the "E's" in the counterstamp are different, and that this difference is identical in each of the stampings.  Also, the letters in "HOTEL" have no serifs while the lettering in "EXCHANGE" has distinct serifs.

The only reference that I can find for the Exchange Hotel is in Brunk (#21920 -  #21950; Jones Exchange Hotel, 77 Dock St. Phila).  For those examples, the counterstamp is in-line rather than arched as on this 1835 half, and most are on foreign hosts.
Does anyone have further information on this counterstamp?

editor's note:  Click on this image to view a much larger version: