Sunday, December 16, 2012

JR Newsletter: 16 December 2012 (119)

First this week, an editor's note:  Some people have reported receiving two email copies of the JR Newsletter.  I can assure you that I have absolutely no clue why that is happening.  I'm not as tech savvy as I would like to be.  As Dick Kurtz wrote when he reported the problem of two issues being delivered to his inbox: "That's better than none!"

Also, Tom Little wrote:

I had success with NCS conserving this 1818 Bust half dollar:

The interesting thing was that extremely experienced dealers wrote the coin off as hopeless....NCS charged me $20 plus $15 for grading the conserved coin.



Yours truly (Richard Meaney) has some recent half dime adventures to share:

Those of us who peruse ebay looking for coins in our area(s) of interest have probably had an experience like this:

You are scanning ebay for coins and you notice a coin that looks promising.  The coin might be really well-struck, attractive, choice for grade, or maybe even a rare die marriage.  So you add the coin to your "watch list" with the intent of checking it out later…when you have more time to study the coin and the auction listing.  Most of the time, when you finally get around to studying the coin (hopefully, before the auction closed!), you find that the coin really is not as nice as you first thought or that it had an obverse of a rare die marriage, but the reverse didn't match up and the coin was a more common variety.

This story is different.  I noticed a beat-up half dime on ebay that looked like a rare remarriage.  I would need to study it further to determine that.  I could tell from a quick glance that the coin was probably cleaned and damaged.  So I added it to my watch list, where it sat for a few days.  A day before the auction closed, I decided to study it more carefully.  I try to convince myself after studying a coin that it truly is NOT the die marriage or remarriage that I first thought it was, so I work hard at proving my first instinct to be incorrect.  No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't succeed at disproving the conclusion of my first, quick-scan attribution.

Long story short, I recently bid on and won an 1832 LM-9.2 Capped Bust Half Dime.  This "Holy Grail" die remarriage is in extremely short supply.  Confirmed examples include the Logan-McCloskey plate coin and a PCGS AU-58 that I have in my collection.  There was a G-4 example reported in the most recent JRCS census, but that coin was shown to be an 1832 LM-8 a little less than a year ago (I have forgotten which specific LM-8 die remarriage it is).  I consider the 1832 LM-9.2 to be an R7+ die remarriage in the Capped Bust Half Dime series.  

Here are photos I took of the coin (click on images to enlarge them):


If that's not enough half dime coolness for you, I have also provided images a neat example of a clip on a half dime that also came from ebay during the past week: