Sunday, February 16, 2014

JR Newsletter: 16 February 2014 (179)

Before getting to the several contributions for this week, I wanted to provide a summary of a couple of ongoing issues with the JR Newsletter, technical and otherwise.

First, I have received feedback from a number of readers that they are receiving two copies of the weekly email version of the JR Newsletter.  I have no immediate solution, as I am not technically-competent with such issues.  However, I have enlisted the assistance of someone who has knowledge in this area, so if the problem is solvable, it will be solved.  In the meantime, if you receive two copies of the weekly email, feel free to delete at least one of them.

Second, the JR Newsletter will take a hiatus in March 2014, most likely after the March 2 newsletter.  My family and I will be moving everything out of our house as we move into a new house.  That "everything" includes my computer, which is my sole link to the server that allows me to send out the weekly email.  I don't know exactly how long the process will take, but promise that I will get back online as soon as possible and get the JR Newsletter running again once I get my family's life back running again.  I encourage readers to continue to send in contributions, but be mindful that contributions may not be published for a few weeks.

Thank you for your understanding. 

And now the real reason you are reading this…news, comments, questions, and other discourse from the world of bust coinage. 

Tom Little wrote:

Dear JR society;

Any variety guesses?  

This coin is too special to be included in the weekly newsletter....


Winston Zack wrote:

Last Sunday I wrote that I had just purchased an elongated Bust Dime. Having never seen or heard of another before (although I suppose I could place a few on a rail-road track and get a few more!), I thought I would share.  I have provided a photo.

This is an 1820 JR-11 with respectable amounts of detail remaining. It was a little difficult to identify the die marriage due to the distorted details, but a fun challenge all-in-all.

Again, it would be neat to know if anyone else reading these weekly emails has any other elongated Bust Dimes they don't mind sharing.


Louis Scuderi wrote with questions that maybe some of our bibliophiles can answer:

JR Newsletter readers,

For those of us who collect Bust Dimes the book Early United States Dimes (EUSD) is the "bible".  I'm doing some research on the book itself and have a few questions. I'm hoping that one or more of the readership might be able to provide answers.

1) how many of the regular edition were produced?
2) are all of the regular edition identical or are there different "varieties" possibly produced from more than 1 production run?
3) the deluxe edition (with different front and back piece facing pages than the regular edition) is supposedly limited to 100 copies. Did all of them sell?
4) is there any listing of the numbered copies -as in who they sold to? Did #'s 1-5 go to the five authors? Did #6 go to Jules Reiver? Etc.

I will have a few additional questions once I get some answers to these. Will write up the results for the JRJ.

Thanks in advance,
Louis Scuderi

Jesse Gingold has been hard at work assembling a numismatic library and seeks our assistance:

Here's a quick want list of some items I'm having trouble locating. I thought if anyone would have them, it would be the JR Newsletter readers. If you have any of the below items you'd like to sell or know where I may find them, please send me an email at jgingold97(at) 

Early United States Dimes by Davis, et. al. JRCS approved copy 
Edge Mirrors produced by Russ Logan (any denomination) 
Bust Half Bibliomania by Brad Karoleff 
Federal Half Dimes by Logan/McCloskey (deluxe edition)

Thank you,

Finally, we have a number of items from the JRCS President, Brad Karoleff:
This is the last chance to nominate die marriages for study at the upcoming EAC convention. Please forward your suggestions to me at bkaroleff(at) as soon as possible.

The annual meeting of the society at the March/Spring ANA convention is rapidly approaching. If anyone would like to be considered for our educational presentation there please let me know and I will make sure Dr. Peterson knows of your interest.

It is also time to begin thinking about our HOF nominations. You can nominate a person for either/or both the veteran and modern categories. Veteran nominations are for persons involved in bust numismatics before the advent of JRCS. Modern nominees are numismatists that have been a member of our organization. Nominations should be sent to Richard Meaney via the jrnewsletter(at) email address. The nominating committee will then vote on the nominees and inform us of their choices.

In case you have not seen the announcements about current members of the JRCS Hall of Fame, here is the listing.

We have already inducted the following veteran members

Dr Daniel Valentine
Ard Browning
J Colvin Randall
Al C. Overton

And the following modern members

Russell Logan
Jules Reiver
David Davis
Ed Price
John McCloskey

Happy collecting to all.

Brad Karoleff