Sunday, April 23, 2017

JR Newsletter: 23 April 2017 (341)

Winston Zack wrote in search of a copy of the Sheridan Downey Auction catalog from 1998 (MB 21):

In my ongoing effort to study, research and record known contemporary counterfeit U.S. coin varieties (along with pedigrees and other information, when possible), I am in need of one piece of information at this time.

I am looking for a copy of Sheridan Downey's April 1998 MB sale no. 21 auction catalog, and specifically lot 283 which is a 1787 Flowing Hair half dollar, 8x7 obverse star combination in a grade of AG with an attempted puncture.

I would really appreciate getting a photo of this counterfeit, either a high-quality scanned image from the catalog, or BETTER YET, if someone here is reading this and owns this counterfeit I would appreciate the chance to get an updated, high-quality photo of this piece to add to my project.

Further, if anyone here owns any example of either of the three known varieties of '1787' FH halves, or the one known variety of '1878' FH half I would really appreciate adding your example to my project. For those of you who have provided images to me or given me permission to use your images I greatly appreciate this.

Please feel free to reach me at my email address: stoneman101(at)

Thank you,

From David Perkins:

Gerry Fortin and I will again have Table 910 at the Central States Convention this coming week in Schaumberg, IL.  We will have eight cases of quality early silver and other coins, including Type Coins and rare die marriages.  I will have most of my inventory with me at the show.  Gerry will not be able to fit all his inventory in his four cases, thus if you want Gerry to bring certain coins you will want to let him know in the next 24 hours if there are specific coins you’d like him to make sure he brings to the show. 
Among other items that I look forward to, I should be picking up a nice date set of Capped Bust Dimes at the show late Thursday, with an expected average grade of XF.  I don’t have a list of these – if there are certain Dimes you are looking for please don’t hesitate to contact me in advance.
The coin market seems to be picking up lately – both of us have had strong sales over the last two months.  I’ve talked with other collectors and dealers that are thinking this also.  I’ve sold some Half dimes & Dimes, Draped Bust Quarters, a large number of CB Quarters, CBHs, and early dollars along with other coins. 
Our inventories can be viewed on our websites, and contact information is listed below:
Dave: / wdperki(at) / 303-902-5366 (Colorado)
Gerry:  / wuximems(at) / 207-329-9957 (Maine)
On the subject of Numismatic Literature, I am looking forward to reading my copy of the new book, 1792: Birth of a Nation’s Coinage by Pete Smith, Joel Orosz, and Len Augsburger.  There is a lot of information on the first U.S. Mint! 
Lastly, the next issue of the John Reich Journal should be delivered to you early next month.  Enjoy.
Hope to see you at Central States!
W. David Perkins
Gerry Fortin