Sunday, February 16, 2020

JR Newsletter: 16 February 2020 (485)

Patrick Bain wrote:

For members who buy Bust coins on eBay here are some report links to a website that sorts coin auctions by watch count.
Basically it lists the most popular auctions in order first.
Each auction on eBay has a watch count which this website uses to sort the results.

An example of how it can help from a while back:
I had seen an 1824 dime in my regular searches but didn't think anything of it and didn't put it on my watch list.
Then it showed on this report and had something like 20 watchers.
So I thought why does this have 20 watchers??  I clicked on it and looked at the reverse and realized it 
was a JR-2 dime variety and much rarer.
These ensure you don't miss any good auctions!
You are seeing what all of eBay says are the most popular Bust coin auctions.

Most Popular Bust Silver Coin Auctions on Ebay 

Bust Half Dimes -->  HalfDimes

Bust Dimes -->  Dimes

Bust Quarters --> Quarters

Bust Half Dollars --> HalfDollars

Bust Dollars -->  Dollars