Sunday, April 3, 2011

JR Newsletter: 3 April 2011 (30)

Brad Karoleff received the following note from Brenda Logan:

Hello Brad.  This latest issue of the JRCS Journal was terrific!  We were all so excited to learn of the new dime discovery.  How Russell would have loved that!  Makes even me want to go out and search for one.

We have quite a few dime and half-dime books listed for sale on the Loganberry web site.  I noticed that someone has offered to make xerox copies for members who need the book, but they might also be interested to know that they can buy a brand-new copy for $150 each from us.  If you think it's appropriate, please get this word out.  We have thought of putting them on-line at Amazon, but have resisted, and we don't participate.

Thanks again for a memorable publication, and keep up the good work.
Brenda Logan

Gary Rosner wrote:

Can either of you please email me the address that I can mail a check to order the new Quarter book. I went to the website and it locked up my computer and I had to do a hard shutdown and then a 20 minute security check and restart. I don’t want to go to that website again. My security software showed it as unsecured.
I want order the new book by mailing someone a check.
Thanks for you help.
Gary Rosner
PS: There may be other people who would like to order the book as well so listed the mailing address in the JR Newsletter may be helpful to others?

Editor's Note:  I contacted Gary and provided the information he sought.  For those who may have had similar problems, here is the information:

To order the new quarter book, send a check for $110 made out to "Browning Quarter Book" to Brad Karoleff, 8077-B Connector Drive, Florence, KY 41042.  You can send Brad an email at bkaroleff (at) or call him at 859.371.1414 if you wish to ask questions or inquire about the leather-bound limited edition available later this year ($500).
Alan Bricker wrote in response to two other contributors:

I am commenting in regard to Winston Zack's 1802 "cud" dime. This exact same coin, originally marked on its holder as an "1807" dime, appeared at the Baltimore Convention Center show in June of 2010 at the table of a vendor from Michigan. After noticing this low grade Draped Bust dime with the huge obverse "cud" in a showcase at the June 2010 show I examined it at some length, perhaps 15 minutes or so at the table after borrowing a copy of EUSD on the floor, attributing the coin as an 1802 JR-2, and informing the vendor accordingly. After studying the coin under my glass, I finally concluded that this was actually not a true cud but rather that the coin had been damaged or altered sometime after minting. Several technical factors and analytical criteria, as well as my impression of the general appearance of the "cud", led me to my own personal conclusion that this feature had not resulted from a broken die at the time of minting, and I therefore passed on purchasing this coin. The coin remained, still unsold, in the showcase of the same vendor at the fall Baltimore Convention Center show a few months later.

I am responding to Ralph Munoz regarding variety updates for the Reeded Edge Bust Half Dollars. To the best of my knowledge, no new variety update reference has been published to date for this series, although Jules Reiver did print variety updates extending his "JR" numbering sequence as "new" marriages were reported to him. During the next eight or ten years after Jules published his 1988 VIM, I identified and described to Jules three new 1837 marriages, three new 1838 marriages, one new 1839 marriage, and one new 1839-O marriage. However, Jules sent update additions for only about half of those new marriages which I described to him, therefore it is possible he may have inadvertently left out several of these new marriages.

Alan Bricker