Sunday, August 21, 2011

JR Newsletter: 21 August 2011 (50)

ANA has just finished!  Your editor had a great time there.  I renewed friendships and started new ones.  I saw a lot of coins and even bought a couple.  I do hope people will share their ANA experiences with the JR Newsletter!

From the JRCS meeting at the ANA:  The JRCS will begin to hold society meetings at major coin shows.  Formerly, only the Summer ANA was the time for the JRCS to meet.  Future larger shows such as FUN, Spring/Fall ANA, Baltimore, etc will feature a meeting of JRCS members for the purpose of camaraderie, information-sharing, and a program/educational session.  Dr. Glenn Peterson has volunteered to organize the JRCS meeting at the January 2012 FUN show.  If other JRCS members wish to volunteer their time to organize a meeting at a coin show, please speak up!
Bill Hancock wrote in response to Jim Matthews' comments in our last JR Newsletter:

Interesting comment about the Stack's catalog.  I have not received one since Bowers took over, which is a shame because I think I had bid in every Stack's auction for the last 3 or 4 years and now I do not even get the catalogs. And I consigned my entire collection to them two years ago.  Now its Bowers, I don't seem to exist to them.
And the website is a horror to browse lots.  First we had to overcome Bowers taking it over, now we have to overcome Bowers-Merena taking them over. 
Bill Hancock
Harry Cabluck wrote:
Wow!  What a coin fraternity.  

Uproarious thanks to you, David Lange, Louis Scuderi and Ralph Munoz for attributing the 1827 Overton 120a.

Also the information about

Harry Cabluck
Dick Kurtz wrote:
This is just a quick note to express appreciation for Jim Matthews write up about the "lost" 1836 O.106 proof with a Crushed Letter Edge. I have 3 business strike 106s, one the "a" version, but I'm still looking for a prime XF with a truly well defined reverse periphery. Do they exist? 
Dick Kurtz, JRCS 049