Sunday, November 3, 2019

JR Newsletter: 3 November 2019 (470)

Karl Lamson wrote: 

There was an 1837 capped bust half dime listed on eBay recently that at first glance looked very exciting as possibly being a new variety.  The reverse appears to be die V, which according to the Logan McCloskey text was used only in striking the 1834 LM-1.  The obverse of this 1837 did not match any of the three known 1837 obverses although it was close to Obverse 3.

After studying this at length, I discussed this coin with a well known expert on half dimes, who arrived at the same opinion that I did - it's a fake.  (Name withheld since I did not ask permission to use his name here.)

The coin was sold a couple days later.   The eBay listing number is 174068341877 and was offered at $ 260.00.  I hope the buyer returns the coin to the seller.

Karl Lamson


Winston Zack wrote:

Is anyone collecting a photo census on E and L counterstamped Capped Bust quarters?


Steve Herrman wrote:

I have a correction to the name of my new auction prices realized publication for the early dollars.  

New Yearly Publication by Stephen J. Herrman

Auction Prices Realized for Early Silver Dollars 1794-1803
Winter 2019 Revision (1st edition)

   Printed format: $35.00 delivered to your postal address via Media Mail
   PDF format: $25.00 delivered to your email address
   Printed & PDF formats: $40.00

To reserve your copy, please contact Steve at herrman102(at)

Orders received prior to December 1, 2019, shall receive a $3.00 discount.

$3.00 will be donated to the JRCS for each copy sold.



David Kahn wrote:

Our good friend, noted researcher and very accomplished author Winston Zack has just published a fabulous new book on counterfeit US coins titled, Bad Metal, Circulating Contemporary Counterfeit United States Coins.  This first volume, a 265 page, full-color masterwork, covers copper and nickel coins, and in great, very-well researched detail.  I have been an avid collector of these coins since the mid 1980's, and have wanted to read this book since then.  Now, I can do just that, and so can you!  We have the books in stock here at the office, and they will make their debut at our Baltimore table, #930.  Winston will be there as well to sign your new book, if you wish, and he will also have a special, introductory sale price in effect.  If you can't make the show, I'm sure we can still get you a signed copy at the special price, plus shipping, of course.  After the show, they will be listed on our website,

David L. Kahn, President
David Kahn Rare Coins, Inc.
POB 1637
Olney, MD  20830-1637
(301) 570-7070


We had additional feedback of changing the frequency of publication of the JR Newsletter (unattributed, like all prior feedback):  “I agree with a monthly move....sometimes the amount of emails received from all sources becomes a bit overwhelming and once a month would be fine in my opinion”