Sunday, October 31, 2010

JR Newsletter: 31 October 2010 (8)

One contribution for the week:

Steve Hose wrote:
I have two remaining John Reich Journals that I am looking for:  Issue Number 1 (Vol 1 No 1, January, 1986) and Issue Number 11 (Vol 4 No 3, December, 1989).  I would prefer originals, or at least a copy of the Issue Number 11, as I do have a reprint of the Issue Number 1 without the card stock cover. Thanks for your efforts.  Note from editor:  If you have an issue or two of the JR Journal to satisfy Steve's request, please send a reply to me and I will forward your contact information to Steve.
Editor's Contribution:
We have had more than a dozen new subscribers in the last two weeks.  That's the good news.  With just one contribution coming in this week, I'm going to have to talk about the best bust coinage ever made to try to get some of you who don't collect CAPPED BUST HALF DIMES shamed into making contributions for next week. 

I have attached an image file of a half dime I recently purchased on ebay.  The seller's images were not the best and the ANACS holder had 1836 LM-1.2 as the attribution.  I suspected the attribution was incorrect and that the coin truly was the scarcer 1836 LM-1.1 remarriage.  I was pleased to have my suspicions confirmed when I received the coin.  I used both Photoshop Elements and Photoscape to format the image.  You can click on this image and it will become larger.