Sunday, May 22, 2016

JR Newsletter: 22 May 2016 (294)

We have one contribution this week.  Winston Zack wrote, responding to a comment about format of future bust coin census reports in the John Reich Journal:

I like Dave's suggestion on just changing the font type (bold, italics, underlined, etc.) for those pieces which are slabbed (PCGS, NGC, ANACS, etc). I don't think we need a different font-type for each grading service, but just one representing that it is slabbed. I would prefer BOLD font for slabbed pieces.

I would also suggest adding a font-type for problem coins. I don't know how consistent the reporting of problem coins are in the census but I imagine some people net-grade pieces (old ANACS style), and some provide details grades. I prefer details grades myself when reporting in the census. Maybe problem coins should be reported in ITALICS.

Finally, if you have a slabbed problem coin, that could be written in BOLD ITALICS.

Just thoughts.


One editor's note:  More than a handful of people contacted me in the last week after seeing the "headline coin" in last week's Newsletter, wondering where it came from.  That half dollar was part of the sale of the Russ Logan collection in 2002 by Bowers and Merena.  A link to the coins in that auction is here:   If you go to the link and click on the camera icon next to the brief description of each coin, you will be able to see photos and the catalog description.