Sunday, August 26, 2018

JR Newsletter: 26 August 2018 (408)

Steve Herrman wrote:

Congratulations to Garrett and everyone on a great presentation!

The YouTube video has been converted to MP4 format, and is now also available on the JRCS website from the top left menu icon under Resources -> Educational Presentations.



Carmen J Scoppa II wrote:

I have come across an interesting counter stamped coin and I am trying to find out more about it. I am surprised to find such a large denomination coin counter stamped. From what little I have found, I believe it was counter stamped post-Civil War and most likely done near Akron, Ohio. Have you encountered a counter stamp like this in your collecting experience?

Rich Uhrich wrote:
I have consigned some half dollars at the Heritage Long Beach auction, and would like to mention them in the JR Newsletter because they are rare varieties or rare die states.

Lot 3100 is an 1806/5 O-104b which has a four-star break on the obverse and two cuds on the reverse at UN(I)TE(D).  It is an R7 die state and is XF40 PCGS.

Lot 3103 is an 1823 O-113 which is a High R6 in VG8 PCGS.

Lot 3646 is an 1805 O-104a which has a four-star break on the obverse and it is a High R6 die state and is F15 PCGS.

Lot 3651 is an 1806/inverted 6 O-111'b' which has two cuds on the reverse at UN(IT)E(D) and it is an R7 die state and VF20 PCGS.

Lot 7354 is an 1805 O-112'a' which has a cud at STATES on the reverse and correspondingly weak "18" on the obverse.  It is an R6 die state and VF20 PCGS and is pedigreed to the Jules Reiver Collection (Editor's Note:  This coin is today's "Headline Coin" at the top of the blog)

Lot 7357 is an 1806 O-120a with an internal cud on the shield.  It is an R5 die state and is VF35 PCGS.