Sunday, February 24, 2019

JR Newsletter: 24 February 2019 (434)

Daryl Haynor wrote:

Dear JRCS Members -

I am conducting research on the Classic Gold coinage of 1834-1839 and have encountered a situation that I believe some Bust collectors may have already researched.  If you have, I would appreciate any insight.

The upper reverse of a Classic gold quarter eagle contains the motto "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA", same as the Bust coinage for those years and prior.  On rare occasions, quarter eagles exhibit an abnormal formation of those letters, as shown in the pictures included.  This abnormal lettering is found on most of the 1834 and 1835 proof quarter eagles, and on a handful of the earliest struck coins following those proofs using the same dies.  Only a few proof quarter eagles were struck in each year, thus this phenomenon is extremely rare for Classic gold.  This abnormal lettering does not appear anywhere else on Classic gold coinage with any frequency that I am aware of.

Though these Classic gold pieces were supposedly struck in close collar dies, I've been told that this type of lettering appears on Bust coinage, perhaps moreso with open collar coinage.  If you have any information to share on what may cause the appearance of these coins, please contact me at

I am combining my research with John McCloskey's notes on Classic Gold, and plan to soon have the combined results published.  Your assistance is most appreciated.  


Daryl Haynor


David Perkins wrote:

W. David Perkins Numismatics, Gerry Fortin Rare Coins, and Jim Matthews will have multiple tables at Baltimore next week, all under Table 1340.  We will be next to the (Liberty) “Seated Fest II” Tables (1255) on the main bourse.  You’ll find a lot of early silver and other rare coins at all of these tables!

Early H10C, CB H10C, and Liberty Seated H10C Collectors will want to see me in Baltimore.  I have a large collection of Half Dimes that I will be selling – if you are not on my half dime distribution list please e-mail me at or see me in Baltimore at Table 1340.  The collection, formed over the last 35 plus years, has all of the 92 known CB H10C die marriages and most of the remarriages. Richard Meaney will be working with me on the sale of this collection.  A formal announcement will be made in the near future, after the Baltimore show.

Hope to see you in Baltimore!  Should be a great show.

Also from David Perkins:

The February 25, 2019 issue of Coin World has an article by Paul Gilkes titled, “Collector’s bulk lot contains rare dime / Purchase on eBay yields JR-10 variety of 1829 Capped Bust, Curl Base 2 10C coin.”   While not a high grade coin and not in the best condition (holed) it is important to note that the highest graded example grades PCGS VF35.  Nice find!

JRCS, John McCloskey, Louis Scuderi, and the John Reich Journal are referenced in this article. 

This is a fun variety / type coin.  I’ve been lucky to have handled three examples in the last five years, including one graded PCGS VF35. 

W. David Perkins
Centennial, CO

Greg Cohen provided a press release from Legend Numismatics:

Legend Numismatics Announces “the Completion of a Life Long Dream” in Assembling the #1 Truly Complete PCGS Registry Set of Proof Liberty Nickels

(Lincroft, NJ) Legend Numismatics is proud to announce the completion of the S.L.R. Collection of Proof Liberty Nickels. Not only is this set the #1 All Time PCGS Registry Set, but with the addition of the finest known 1913 that the collector recently purchased for $4,560,000, it is now the only set that can be called truly the finest Proof Liberty Nickel and complete. History has been made!

Since the creation of the Set Registry at PCGS, the client, who wishes to remain private, has dreamed about assembling this set. The first step became possible at the 2018 ANA, when the Eliasberg-Legend-Smith 1913 nickel, graded PCGS PR66 CAC came up for sale. The final piece came together recently, after Legend Numismatics was able to negotiate the purchase of the former #1 PCGS Registry Set and obtained it for the collector, making this the greatest set of Proof Liberty nickels ever assembled.

“Never in my lifetime did I think I think I could be involved in the building of such an amazing set,” declared Laura Sperber, president and owner of Legend Numismatics. “I was thrilled to see the extreme excitement that my collector client had when we were able to complete this deal. It is so refreshing to see such enthusiasm. We have been working with this collector for many, many years on different projects, but we have never seen him as happy and as proud as he was when we told him the deal was done!”

“I have been involved in collecting coins for decades and have built many different collections over the years” said the proud owner. “Being able to own the finest set of Proof Liberty nickels really is a dream come true! I have been working with Laura Sperber for many years, and I am so proud of this important accomplishment we have done together. Without her help and support, I am not sure we would have been able to make this happen.”
Planning is in the works to have this important collection put on display sometime later this year. 

See the PCGS Set Registry , 1883-1913 for the coins in the set and images, note that we are working on updating all images and coins.